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Saturday at the Movies: Hustle Your American Right Out of the Theater


I had been hearing good things about American Hustle. All-star cast with a retro feel to a distinctly 70’s movies. Christian Bale with a paunch? Jeremy Renner with a massive pompadour? I’m in!  Plus there was the potential to see Amy Adams act her socks off and see another great performance from Jennifer Lawrence. All my dreams came crashing down within the first 30 minutes of American Hustle.  More after the jump.

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Saturday At The Movies – August: Osage County

August_Osage_County_2013_posterWith award season looming, all of the studios at throwing their collective spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks for 2013.  Relying heavily on the all-star cast, August: Osage County is an adapted play that makes a surprisingly good movie. Starring on Broadway and playing across the country, the play had great success in the theater. This isn’t always a guarantee of a good movie. Carnage was a great play but a lumbering beast of a movie.

August: Osage County is helped by the fact that  original playright Tracy Letts, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was the one to take a stab at the Hollywood screenplay and she made something of real value.  The film is well timed, subtle, and has a great cast. Juila Roberts and Meryl Streep give command performances, which is why they’re up for SAG nominations. Streep plays Violet Weston, the head of the Weston clan of girls. Her cancer and pain pill addiction serve as one of the focuses of the story that revolves around the suicide of Violet’s husband, Beverly (Sam Shepard). Roberts plays the oldest and “most treasured” daughter, Barbara. The toughness found in the mother has passed to her daughter, which is the cause of Barbara’s imminent divorce. All of the rest of the family comes together to bury Beverly and to expose the many and varied slights, fights and injuries the family has both kept secret and openly flaunted over the years.

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Glenn Walker’s Top Five Comics for 2013


Everybody at Biff Bam Pop! is talking about Top Fives this week, and I’ve already hit you with my thoughts on 2013’s film offerings. There were a lot of cool things going on in the comics world this year, so it’ll be difficult to narrow them down to five, but I’ll try, or maybe I’ll just talk five movements in comics, we’ll see. Next, after the jump, we’ll look at my top fives (give or take) in comics for 2013.

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Spend Your New Year’s Eve With Bad Blood #1 On The Tuesday Run–December 31, 2013

Another holiday Wednesday means another Tuesday run to your local comic shop.

That’s right. Just like last week, where Christmas Day landed on a Wednesday, your comics are arriving a day earlier than normal. And it’s strange. It’s strange because you’d think that the comic book publishing companies might take the week off themselves. Hell, the pickings were pretty slim last week, but I was still able to find a jewel amongst the…well, almost nothingness. This week is a little bit different in that there are quite a few titles pushing to be shipped before 2014 officially starts.

As a bit of a horror fan, wouldn’t it be just grand to usher in 2014 with a horrific and absolutely stunning vampire tale? Yes, how about some Bad Blood in time for the new year?

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Andy Burns’ Five Favourite Films Of 2013

I do my best to stay away from calling anything “the best”;  simply put, one person’s best is another’s worst. On that note, here’s a list of some of my favourite movies of the year. Enjoy!

The Wolverine Movie PosterThe Wolverine – At this time, I’m going to completely go against what I just wrote by stating that it’s my personal belief that The Wolverine is the perfect representation of Logan on the big screen. The extended edition adds some blood to the proceedings, which makes the character of even more of a killer. Here’s hoping the rumoured sequel comes to fruition.

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The Top 5 Albums of 2013 As Chosen By JP Fallavollita

There was certainly no dearth of great music to listen to in 2013. Albums from both new bands and old mainstays shone a light on music-lovers moods, attitudes and deep-seated emotions. Although there were great albums, I remember thinking that new music left me a little wanting in 2012. Misguided or not, this year more than made up for that thought with strong offerings from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The National, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire.

With so many fantastic sounds echoing through speakers, ears and minds, it was a tough ask to whittle my love of 2013 music down. As always, I found myself gravitating to the albums and songs I listened to the most throughout the year. They’re the ones that stood out from the rest – and a common theme seemed to emerge: surprise.

Here then, after the jump, are my top five albums of 2013.

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Glenn Walker’s Top Five Films for 2013


Everybody at Biff Bam Pop! is talking about Top Fives this week, so I guess it’s my turn. There were so many good things going on this year in movies, it will be hard to narrow them down to just five in each category, but I’ll try. Next, after the jump, we’ll look at my top fives (give or take) in film for 2013.

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Marie Gilbert’s Five Best Television Episodes of 2013


When our illustrious leader and Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns, asked his admiring Biff Bam Pop! staff for our choice of the best of 2013, I was hesitant. I had five of my favorite TV shows already lined up and I only had to pick the best episode for each one.

It would be a piece of cake, right? Hell no! How could I pick the best episode of “The Walking Dead” when I love each and every episode, same with “American Horror Story,” “Defiance,” “Orphan Black,” and “Bates Motel“? Did I flip a coin? Nah! Did I choose wisely? You judge after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor


Since the return of the “Doctor Who” television series in 2005, the annual Christmas evening specials have become a tradition, and most often, a major event in the continuity of the series. This Christmas is no different, even in an already exciting year for Who fans the world over. Tonight, Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi, and all of the loose ends surrounding the Eleventh Doctor and his demise come to fruition. Tonight, we have been promised, all will be revealed. Join me, after the jump for my thoughts on “The Time of The Doctor!”

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Spend Christmas Eve With Avengers #24 On The Tuesday Run–December 24, 2013

Who out there is so hard-core into comics, that, amidst all the hustle-bustle of last minute Christmas shopping and getting ready for family dinners, they’re still hitting their local comic book shop today?

Nice! Kudos to you, my friend! You’re the very reason I’m writing this column!

But it being Christmas Eve, it’s slim pickings today for new comics, a day earlier than they’d normally be released. Still, there’s one title, hot off of an “Infinity” of tent-pole crossovers, that you just need to be reading this holiday season.

Follow me after the jump and I’ll quickly tell you what’s what!

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