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SDCC 2015 Spotlight: Darin Henry


You may not know his name, but you certainly know the things he’s worked on. Darin Henry has been writing for shows like Seinfeld, Muppets Tonight, and most recently – K.C. Undercover for the Disney Channel. Henry’s real passion lies in his venture into comics. His line of books is called Sitcomics. They’re TV you can read. Henry has produced 2 books with stellar creators. It’s always amazing to see people do what they’re passionate about. Such is the case with Henry. His books are worth checking out. Let’s hear more about what Henry has in store and where you can get your first books!

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SDCC Spotlight: Leen Isabel and Nguyen Dong


It’s always better to buddy up for San Diego Comic Con. That’s exactly what Leen Isabel and Nguyen Dong have done. The husband and wife team are bringing you two great books you have to check out. There’s nothing like discovering a new book and new creator that you have to follow. Let’s hear about their great projects …

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SDCC 2015 Spotlight: Jim LuJan

San Diego Comic Con is usually about the Big 2 and grabbing a boat load of comics, but did you know it’s a place where more artistic ventures are premiered? There’s a film festival where our next guest would feel right at home. Jim Lujan has partnered with one of the greats in animation – Bill Plympton – to bring you a biker tale that will knock your socks off. It’s animation at its best, so let’s hear more from Jim…


SDCC 2015 Spotlight: Lonnie Millsap

fork color tiny

It’s that time again, where nerds rev up to go to nerd Mecca. Yes, it’s time for San Diego Comic Con.

Even if you don’t get to go this year, there are a host of artists and creators you should know about. They’re easy to follow on the web and they have a mountain of nerdy goodness for you all year round.

If you are about to brave the germ pool, you should stop by and say hello to Lonnie Millsap. Humorist and cartoonist, Lonnie has just released a new book entitled: I Asked For A Fork!


An Imitation of The Imitation Game


A disclaimer: I’m a proud Cumbercollective member. Let that color the review as you will.

The Imitation Game is the new biopic picture about Alan Turing: legendary mathematician, oddball and the codebreaker of WWII. If you’re wondering about whether you’ve heard about his ideas before – you have. The sequence in Blade Runner, where Deckard is trying to determine if Rachel is a replicant, is based on Turing’s writing about Artificial Intelligence. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t want to know you.  More about The Imitation Game after the jump.

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Saturday At The Movies: Birdman (2014)

birdmanposter1If you don’t know much about Hollywood and acting, this is the movie to go see. It will give you a glimpse into what goes on when you start on any type of commercial or artistic venture.

Birdman stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts and relative unknown, Andrea Riseborough. All are excellent. All “act” in this movie. All have deep passions that are portrayed on screen. All have subtle and effecting moments. More arresting than the performances, however, is the commentary on the nature of film, theater, art and commercialism.

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Saturday at the Movies: Hustle Your American Right Out of the Theater


I had been hearing good things about American Hustle. All-star cast with a retro feel to a distinctly 70’s movies. Christian Bale with a paunch? Jeremy Renner with a massive pompadour? I’m in!  Plus there was the potential to see Amy Adams act her socks off and see another great performance from Jennifer Lawrence. All my dreams came crashing down within the first 30 minutes of American Hustle.  More after the jump.

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Tickle Your Funny Bone With Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap

He’s kind of a big deal, though you probably haven’t heard of him yet.

Or maybe you have.

Lonnie Millsap has hit the convention circuit hard for the past couple of years and you or someone you know know has probably picked up one of his books of hilarious single panel comics. Witty, disgusting, crude and thoughtful are all words that can easily be applied to his comic panels. Drawn in a style reminiscent of The Far Side, Lonnie’s comics are everything that makes The Far Side great and nothing like it at all.

launch party 2014

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and if you’re lucky enough to be in Los Angeles on the evening of January 25th, you’ll get to meet the man himself at his swanky book signing:

The Copper Still Bar

4485 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90004

(323) 661-1985

Although Lonnie can be found hereBiff Bam Pop’s Queen of Comics, Emily McGuiness, sat down with the humorist to get the low down on his books, his art, and his humour before the big event.

Follow us after the jump for the comedic Q & A!


Saturday At The Movies – August: Osage County

August_Osage_County_2013_posterWith award season looming, all of the studios at throwing their collective spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks for 2013.  Relying heavily on the all-star cast, August: Osage County is an adapted play that makes a surprisingly good movie. Starring on Broadway and playing across the country, the play had great success in the theater. This isn’t always a guarantee of a good movie. Carnage was a great play but a lumbering beast of a movie.

August: Osage County is helped by the fact that  original playright Tracy Letts, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was the one to take a stab at the Hollywood screenplay and she made something of real value.  The film is well timed, subtle, and has a great cast. Juila Roberts and Meryl Streep give command performances, which is why they’re up for SAG nominations. Streep plays Violet Weston, the head of the Weston clan of girls. Her cancer and pain pill addiction serve as one of the focuses of the story that revolves around the suicide of Violet’s husband, Beverly (Sam Shepard). Roberts plays the oldest and “most treasured” daughter, Barbara. The toughness found in the mother has passed to her daughter, which is the cause of Barbara’s imminent divorce. All of the rest of the family comes together to bury Beverly and to expose the many and varied slights, fights and injuries the family has both kept secret and openly flaunted over the years.

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Saturday At The Movies – Iron Man 3

iron man 3It started off with a bang – both Iron Man 3 and the 2013 summer movie season.  The third instalment in the Iron Man series hit the big time whether anyone thought it was good or not, but unlike a Black Friday line-up, it was worth the time and effort to fight the crowd to get in. Here’s a look back at what worked in the biggest movie of the year.
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