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This Means Something to Me: Andy Burns on Bret Easton Ellis’ “The Shards”

After reading Bret Easton Ellis’ new book The Shards, Andy Burns recalls the influence and impact the author has had on his life.

Review: Liz Fania Werner and Carlos Montaner’s ‘Waking Karma’

Waking Karma is a movie that, on paper at least, explores unspeakable cruelty and the agency of women in the face of a patriarchal cult. It perhaps lacks a certain artfulness and gravity, but it goes so low, so hard on its main eponymous lead character, that it has a haunting effect. 

Skeletons Fall Out Of The Closet With ‘Bulls Of Beacon Hill #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Crime and politics should never entwine, but in this new thriller they go together like hand in glove – or like father and son!