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WWE 2K19

In The Game: WWE 2K19’s Career Mode Embraces The Weird

WWE 2K19’s career mode capitalizes on how fundamentally bizarre its product can be, and it’s one of the best video game experiences Sachin Hingoo’s had this year.

31 Days of Horror – E.A. Henson on New Mutants: Dead Souls

When the collected edition of The New Mutants: Dead Souls came across my figurative desk for 31 Days of Horror I was a bit perplexed. How do the New Mutants, which I had always viewed as “the JV X-Men” or “that book that became X-Force”, relate to horror? Well, after I was a few pages I was convinced I was reading the right book.

The Leftscape Podcast: ‘The Stirred Up Demons (Episode 19)’

“The Monthiest Month” of October continues, and The Leftscape is on the case. Though the news has been all Kavanaugh all the time, Wendy Sheridan, Robin Renée, and Mary McGinley find a little lightness … Continue reading The Leftscape Podcast: ‘The Stirred Up Demons (Episode 19)’

31 Days of Horror Presents Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Blood Beat’ (1983)

A samurai warrior goes on a killing spree in rural Wisconsin and nobody knows why, including the filmmakers, in 1983’s ‘Blood Beat.’


31 Days of Horror Exclusive: Michael Ironside Discusses ‘Knuckleball’

Over the years, when films have come my way starring Michael Ironside, I’ve begged and pleaded (usual in a professional manner…usually) with our PR reps to let me interview the man. Finally, with Ironside starring in the new film Knuckleball, the opportunity came my way this week, and I jumped on it.

Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 DC Comics

31 Days Of Horror: Throwback Superhero Horror In ‘Cursed Comics Cavalcade’ On The Wednesday Run

Halloween makes for perfect horror of the superhero type with an old-school shriek-fest featuring your favourite masks, capes and monsters!

The Miles and The Money: WWE, Saudi Arabia and the Return of Shawn Michaels

There are a lot of great insider expressions in the wrestling biz that you pick up when you listen to as many podcasts as I do, but one that seems … Continue reading The Miles and The Money: WWE, Saudi Arabia and the Return of Shawn Michaels