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The Lion King

‘Disney’s The Lion King’ Will Have No Worries at the Box Office This Weekend

Will Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ feel the love from audiences this weekend?


Around the Loop: When Will The Hard Reset Happen in WWE?

With television counter-programming against AEW, new creative hires, and surprising in-ring action, could a hard reset be coming for WWE?

Tears of Joy In The Rain For ‘Blade Runner 2019 #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Do comic book readers dream of a comic book Blade Runner series? You bet they do! Those dreams become reality today with Blade Runner 2019 #1!

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 40: The 1977 Show

1977 may have been the best year ever, and Jeffery X Martin celebrates some of the music from that year in this week’s Songs in the Key of X.