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Dead, Stinky, Artsy And Awesome – BBP! Speaks With Author And Illustrator Emily McGuiness

What do you get when you cross a hardworking and talented comic book writer and artist with the ABC’s of early childhood learning?

The answer to that question would be something entirely out of the ordinary.

Whether it’s a road-kill armadillo, a smushed firefly or a drum-sticked flamingo, Dead Stinky Animals A-Z, a recent release from writer/artist Emily McGuiness, is a bright, colorful, and fun look at the darker side of life.

Yes, you may recall her name. Emily is part of the family, after all. Follow us after the jump and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Saturday At The Movies – August: Osage County

August_Osage_County_2013_posterWith award season looming, all of the studios at throwing their collective spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks for 2013.  Relying heavily on the all-star cast, August: Osage County is an adapted play that makes a surprisingly good movie. Starring on Broadway and playing across the country, the play had great success in the theater. This isn’t always a guarantee of a good movie. Carnage was a great play but a lumbering beast of a movie.

August: Osage County is helped by the fact that  original playright Tracy Letts, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was the one to take a stab at the Hollywood screenplay and she made something of real value.  The film is well timed, subtle, and has a great cast. Juila Roberts and Meryl Streep give command performances, which is why they’re up for SAG nominations. Streep plays Violet Weston, the head of the Weston clan of girls. Her cancer and pain pill addiction serve as one of the focuses of the story that revolves around the suicide of Violet’s husband, Beverly (Sam Shepard). Roberts plays the oldest and “most treasured” daughter, Barbara. The toughness found in the mother has passed to her daughter, which is the cause of Barbara’s imminent divorce. All of the rest of the family comes together to bury Beverly and to expose the many and varied slights, fights and injuries the family has both kept secret and openly flaunted over the years.

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Saturday At The Movies – Iron Man 3

iron man 3It started off with a bang – both Iron Man 3 and the 2013 summer movie season.  The third instalment in the Iron Man series hit the big time whether anyone thought it was good or not, but unlike a Black Friday line-up, it was worth the time and effort to fight the crowd to get in. Here’s a look back at what worked in the biggest movie of the year.
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Saturday At The Movies: Men In Black III

Three is definitely the magic number to kill a franchise. This is usually because the other movies can never match up to the wonder we had exploring the world of the first movies….The Matrix anyone? But this most recent instalment of the Men In Black series delivers just what it promises – fun. This movie is all about the things we loved in the first one – aliens exploding (courtesy of the incomparable Rick Baker), a sassy Will Smith (still in fine form) and Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin, who tries his hand at a Tommy Lee Jones impression (impressive!).
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31 Days Of Horror 2013 – The Saturday At The Movies Edition: Nothing Left to Fear

nothing_left_to_fear_xlgSlash of Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame has taken his personal passion for horror movies and made them into his own little reality with Nothing Left To Fear.

A quick summary (spoiler alerts!): new preacher comes to a small town were everyone is creepy and boring and low and behold they’re actually a cult and the new family is the sacrifice for the demons of Hell. One is left alive to close the gate of Hell again and she must watch a new family come to town to start the cycle over again.

It’s not a bad premise for a short little horror film. You can tell that Slash grew up with horror films and he knows the tropes. The movie is filled with them.  From the blonde haired blue eyed skinny virgin being the one to survive, to the slightly chubbier, dark haired, sex starved sister being the one who is sacrificed to the demon. They have their prerequisite 2.5 children, we get a little stringy haired creepy walking girl action in there, we get foreboding dream sequences, we get creepy towns people being all ritualistic. You can go on and on. There are plenty of tropes to find. I do take exception to the fact that the virgin heroine seemed to need to be faultlessly pretty, tow headed and compliant and the sacrificed sister is slightly defiant, sarcastic and just good at talking to guys so its automatically implied she’s a slut and has to die. But that is the trope and they use it.

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Saturday At The Movies: Fall in Romance with Don Jon

Don_Jon_PosterJoseph Gordon Lovett (JGL) makes his writing and directorial debut with the romantic comedy Don Jon.  If you’re thinking: why would a Hollywood veteran bother making a sappy, clichéd, trope-filled travesty of a genre film, be prepared to have your misconceptions skewered with the opening frames. JGL makes sure you know his debut is indie in its conception, execution and casting. This is not an emo love story, it’s not an indie film trying to brush up against Hollywood. This is a film that has a powerhouse behind it who can get a first time director’s movie made with big stars that actually has something to say. ‘Safe’ is not a word to use for JGL’s first film. It may have Scarlett Johansson, Tony Danza and Julianne Moore as the main characters in the film, but this could be considered anything but mainstream. Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway also get funny cameo rolls, but as the $9 million opening weekend box office attests to, Hollywood does not consider this film a mainstream winner.  And thank God for that. There is little evidence of Hollywood interference in a movie containing explicit drug use, in your face sex scenes and a narrative thread dedicated solely to porn.

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Biff Bam Popcast – The San Diego Comic-Con Edition

THE-AMERICAN-COMIC-BOOK-CHRONICLES-THE-1980sBiff Bam Pop is heading to San Diego Comic-Con, and our illustrious panel discusses the dos and don’ts, and what they’re looking forward to.

This edition of the Popcast also features American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s, written by Keith Dallas and published by our pals at TwoMorrows Publishing. If you’re a fan of comic book history, you must absolutely purchase this title. It’s simply spectacular. You can order it here.

Enjoy the Popcast, and enjoy SDCC 2013!

Saturday At The Movies: 42

It’s been out for a while, but the box office is slowing the face of juggernaut Man of Steel, so this was a good opportunity to go catch up on 42. Starring Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie, to name a few, this is the biopic of baseball legend Jackie Robinson.  He’s the first African American in baseball, in case you didn’t know. Being a baseball fan myself, I wanted to see this done well and it was a perfectly fine movie. I left feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about fighting racism, doing the right thing and turning baseball into a mirror for greater society.
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Saturday At The Movie: This Is The End

Seth Rogen and long time writing partner, Evan Goldberg are out to tickle your funny bone before you settle in for Man Of Steel with their directorial debut. In all that could be obviously good about an end of the world movie where the actors play themselves, there is much that could go wrong. However This Is The End delivers laughs whole-heartedly and without shame. The humor is much in the same vein as the other movies starring Judd Apatow’s brat pack. There are dick jokes galore, lots of drug use and nerd pretension. This is not a bad thing. Many a great comedy has been built on less.

The basic premise of the movie is that a group of Hollywood actors are trapped at James Franco’s house when the Biblical Apocalypse occurs, featuring an  impossibly funny ensemble that includes James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, and Danny McBride. There are a list of cameos a mile long including Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Mindy Kaling, Paul Rudd, Channing Tatum, Rihanna, on and on. The main party scene was truly meant to feel like a compilation of real Hollywood parties.
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Emily McGuiness thinks you might get a Hangover Part III

Dream crushed. Dream stomped on, chewed up, spit on. Hollywood, you fickle mistress, you have disappointed me again. Just once, once, I would like to see a sequel that lives up to the potential of the movies that came before it. (Arm yourselves with your Aliens comments below)  I loved The Hangover. Most people did. It was a brilliant in that it was a raunchy mystery that we were solving right along with the cast. Couldn’t be repeated, but damn if Hollywood was going to let that stop them. Instead we are subjected to The Hangover Part III.

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