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The “Grotesque” Cost of Survival on Fear The Walking Dead


nick-ep-8On the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead our team was split up in the melee of Daniel’s death and the burning down of Thomas’s home. While Travis tries to keep Chris from hurting himself and others, Nick is more comfortable living among the infected. Read the rest of this entry


Marie Gilbert Interviews Zombie Portrait Artist, Rob Sacchetto


I love zombies and because I do, I get to meet a lot of talented people who also share this love for the shuffling dead. I first took notice of Rob Sacchetto on Facebook after coming across a portrait of a female zombie that he posted. She was beautiful in all her rot and decay. Rob not only loves zombies, he is the first artist to offer custom zombie portraits since 2006. What would make a talented illustrator want to draw decaying slimy creatures? Why would person want to be drawn as a zombie? The only way to get to the bottom of this phenomenon was to talk to the artist. Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E06: Season Finale


Holy West Side Story! There’s going to be a rumble in Roarton and the gangs are gearing up for one heck of a battle with Gary and the living aka Pulse-beaters acting as the Jets and Kieren and the partially deceased aka Rotters acting like the Sharks. Maxine will play the part of Officer Krupke and Amy (Emily Bevan) and Philip (Stephen Thompson) the star crossed lovers. Giving tribute to the amazing Broadway show and film and the beautiful music of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, let’s get started, shall we? Read the rest of this entry

In the Flesh S02 E05


Sometimes, you have to take a stand even when it’s dangerous to do so. Philip stood up for the partially deceased and became an outcast. Amy learned that Simon wasn’t into her, but Philip was. Kieren finally told us what happened on his rising, but will he fall victim to Maxine’s plans to rid the world of the partially dead? Wipe your face clean and join me at the Norfolk treatment center for my recap of this week’s “In The Flesh.” Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E04


As a ghost investigator, I’ve always said you are what you are; alive or dead, and that goes for zombies too. Last week’s episode of “In The Flesh” enforced that theory when Freddie tried to come between Haley’s and Amir’s marriage and when Simon revealed that he was using Amy. Poor Kieren, who I’m guessing was a sweetie pie while alive, has kept his moral compass even after becoming one of the shuffling dead. Will Kieren regret joining Simon’s revolution? Will Amy keep her secretary job? Wipe off your flesh colored makeup and find out. Read the rest of this entry

In the Flesh S02 E03


Last week’s episode was crazy! Kieren and friends are forced to work on a chain gang. Philip dates partially dead hookers. Simon served sheep brains to his dead guests at the ULA party. Maxine posts pictures on her wall, but unfortunately for Kieren, we’re not talking Facebook. Will the PDS victims survive Maxine’s draconian takeover? Grab your plate of brains and follow me.

Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E02

In The Flesh

The war is on between the radical Undead Liberation Army and the Human Volunteer Force, and while the Vicar hoped for a second rising, his heart attack enabled Vicus Maxine to steal the book and the names of Roarton’s re-animated. Kieren is not only on that list, but out of a job thanks to Gary, a bounty hunter who hunts the rabid dead. Will Amy and Simon, both disciples of the Undead Prophet, convert Kieren to their radical beliefs? Let’s visit the merry town of Roarton to find out. Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E01: Season Premiere


What is it with our fascination with the shuffling, rotting, dead people? Do zombies help us deal with our own unavoidable appointment with death? Maybe… maybe not, but you have to admit that zombies are never dull and there are books, movies and television series to prove this. Last year, BBC America showcased a three part supernatural drama series called “In the Flesh,” created and written by Dominic Mitchell, it focuses on events after the zombie apocalypse and in particular on the rehabilitated zombies. Can zombies mingle with the living? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S04 E16: A


Season four has kept us on the very edge as we followed Rick’s scattered team through back roads, golf walkers, fog walkers, dirty diapers and a sociopath kid. Carol’s back, but Beth is lost, and Sgt. Abraham and his team want to save the world. Maggie and Glenn reunite, but Daryl is stuck with the bikers from hell. Will all roads lead to Terminus… and what the heck is Mary cooking? Let’s find out together. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S04 E15: Us


What can I possibly say to explain last week’s heartbreaking episode? I’ve always felt that humanity’s biggest threat for surviving life is humanity itself; we are our own worst enemy. With Carol, Tyreese and Judith heading for Terminus, we can turn our attention back to my favorite apocalyptic stud muffin. Is Daryl playing nice with his new road buddies? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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