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Heroes and Villains: Reviewing The Week’s Marvels 4-19-2017


This week in Heroes and Villains our selection of new Marvel Comics include a new espionage series, a Hulk in space, and the opening salvos of Marvel’s next big event. Meet me after the jump for my reviews of Nick Fury #1, The Totally Awesome Hulk #18, Captain America: Steve Rogers #16, and Secret Empire #0… be warned, there be spoilers…

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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing The Week’s Marvels 2-23-2017


This week in Heroes and Villains our selection of new Marvel Comics includes some very precise distinctions of heroes and villains, folks who cross that line between the two. Meet me after the jump for my reviews of Captain America: Steve Rogers #12, Infamous Iron Man #5, Scarlet Witch #15, Thunderbolts #10, and Avengers #4.1… and beware, spoilers abound…

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The Top Ten Things I Still Want to See on The Flash


We’ve been given a gift as far as superhero television goes in The Flash. Not only have we’ve gotten a terrific, accessible, and entertaining TV series about superheroes, they have also gone above and beyond when it comes to presenting hardcore comic book mythos on the small screen. After all, who would have ever thought we’d ever get the DC Multiverse on prime time TV? We have the Invasion, Gorilla City, and more crossovers and team-ups coming, but what else could we get? Meet me after the super speed jump and I’ll give you my top ten things I want to see on The Flash!

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Get Some Fresh AIRBOY DELUXE H/C On The Wednesday Run

AirBoy Deluxe HC coverAirboy.

A comic book character created during the Golden Age of comic books, circa 1942.

You know, during wartime.

And, of course, war heroes were big in comics during WWII. What young American boy wouldn’t want to see an army, naval or air force officer put the hot-lead screws to the Axis powers? And so, Airboy was created by writers Charles Biro, Dick Wood and artist Al Camy in the pages of Air Fighter Comics #2, published by Hillman Periodicals, and he did just that.

But like many characters created during the Golden Age of comics, Airboy himself needed saving from obscurity. He needed dramatic reinvention. In 1986, Eclipse Comics produced new Airboy tales, starring the son of the original character.

But what do you do with Airboy for a twenty-first century audience?

Well, that’s exactly what the Airboy Deluxe Hardcover ponders. And it’s like nothing you – or even AIrboy – could ever imagine!

Follow me after the jump for a taste of the wild blue yonder!

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S01 E01/02: Pilot


A superhero mash-up is how its creators are describing it. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has been building throughout the last seasons of both “Arrow” and “The Flash,” and is finally here. Time Master Rip Hunter brings together heroes and villains from the far corners of the DC TV Universe – Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and the Atom – to fight the forces of the evil immortal Vandal Savage throughout time. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on the two-part pilot for the much-anticipated “Legends of Tomorrow.”

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Seeing Red – Your First Look at SCARLET WITCH #1


Marvel Comics brings us the ongoing series starring the Scarlet Witch by James Robinson and Vanessa Del Rey this coming December, featuring some of the hottest comics creators in the business. Check out the special preview of the first issue, along with a few of its variant covers, after the jump.

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AVENGERS #0 Assembles Earth’s Mightiest This October!


New York, NY—September 14th, 2015 — This October, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are reforged, retooled and recharged for the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe! But first, kickoff the all-new Avengers line of titles with AVENGERS #0 – featuring new stories setting the stage for six new ongoing series! Someone is watching, carefully studying the movements of the Avengers and those in their orbit. But are they friend, or foe?!

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Doctor Who S08 E12: Death in Heaven


The eighth season finale of “Doctor Who” is here, continued from last week. The Master is back, and the dead outnumber the living – which is really bad, because the dead are being turned into Cybermen. Did Danny delete himself? Will Clara ever forgive herself if he did? And how will The Doctor ever stop this evil new regeneration of The Master? Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Death in Heaven.”

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The GAR! Podcast: The Fantastic Four Conspiracy Theory


Biff Bam Pop! presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world. This week in our special 75th episode, we are talking about Ray’s conspiracy theory on the Marvel Comics cancellation of Fantastic Four. See and hear more after the jump.

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Glenn Walker’s Top Five Comics for 2013


Everybody at Biff Bam Pop! is talking about Top Fives this week, and I’ve already hit you with my thoughts on 2013’s film offerings. There were a lot of cool things going on in the comics world this year, so it’ll be difficult to narrow them down to five, but I’ll try, or maybe I’ll just talk five movements in comics, we’ll see. Next, after the jump, we’ll look at my top fives (give or take) in comics for 2013.

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