The Predator

‘The Predator’ Fumbles Big Time at the Weekend Box Office

Well, here’s the deal. The Predator as a franchise just doesn’t appeal to a mass audience. That’s it.


The Week In Horror: Halloween, The Predator, Hereditary

What a week! I’m sure most of you are wishing October was already here, I certainly am. Without a doubt, an old friend of ours dominated the week.

The Week In Horror: ‘Halloween,’ ‘Predator,’ Stephen King & Joe Hill + More

The internet needs to calm down about reshoots and teaser trailers because there is real news to discuss on this edition of The Week in Horror.

The Week In Horror: Toy Fair ’18, Halloween, Serpent and the Rainbow, Predator

Horror toys should be making a bloody splash at Toy Fair 2018.

Glenn Walker’s Top Five Films for 2013

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Saturday at the Movies: Iron Man Three

Wow! That was all I could think walking out of Iron Man Three late late last night. This was a phenomenal film, but it was sooo not what I expected. … Continue reading Saturday at the Movies: Iron Man Three