Established in August 2008, Biff Bam Pop! is a website devoted to the world of pop culture, from comic books and video games, to movies, books, and music. Come check it out and stay a while.


Andy Burns – Editor-In-Chief: Andy Burns has been Biff Bam Pop!’s Editor-In-Chief since its inception in 2008. His writing has appeared in The Toronto Sun, various World Wrestling Entertainment publications and was recently featured in Wanted Undead Or Alive by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry and Janis Gable Bashman. The only thing he has to fear is fear itself…and sharks. Follow him on Twitter at @biffbampop.

JP Fallavollita – Consulting Editor/Writer: JP Fallavollita has been an avid reader of comic books since he was this tall and is currently writing and drawing his first graphic novel. He lives and works in Toronto with a port of call, beyond the local comic shop, of

Corina N. – Social Editor/Writer: Anti-drama queen fighting crime in a future time. Also social media strategist, writer & community manager of the interweb. Find her online at or on Twitter at @corecorina.

Perry Schwartz – Writer, Music and Television: Perry Schwartz spends his days behind a desk spilling words on the page for corporate Canada. When he’s not spinning stories, Perry is a student of mass media. From an early age he was drawn to all things pop – pop music, pop culture, pop tarts and the pop shop. Today, he’s the father of two awesome kids who share his love for music and reality tv. Follow him on Twitter at @perryS33.

Mat Langford – Writer, Video Games: Mat Langford is a Toronto-based journalist, web/graphic designer and all-around geek. He managed the AMP Your Game National Gaming Tour in ’08, has worked for both Playstation and Xbox, is actively involved in both casual and pro gaming and will happily embarrass you at NHL 11/12 at anytime, anywhere. Follow him on Twitter at @matylang.

David Ward – Writer, Books and Comics: David Ward is a human. Sort of. He makes books for a living, and he spends his leisure time reading everything he can lay his hands on, sometimes (but not often enough) writing, occasionally illustrating, and rolling d20s to strike. He lives in Toronto. He can also be found at and on Twitter at @davidsward.

Glenn Walker – Writer: Glenn is a professional writer and a reviewer of popular culture in all its forms. He’s done stints in radio, journalism and video retail. Ask him anything about movies, television, music or especially comics and you’ll be hard pressed to shut him up. He can also be found at  http://www.monsura.blogspot.comand on Twitter at @monsura.

Jason Shayer – Writer, Tales From The Longbox:  Writer. Comic Book Historian. Husband. Father. Zombie survivalist. Find him at his Marvel 1980’s site and on Twitter at @jasonshayer.

Corina Hitchcock – Writer: Corina Hitchcock is a city cyclist (except when it’s snowy!), tattooed travel lover, new media nerd, runner, amateur foodie, horror junkie (and big chicken!) living in Toronto. She currently works in the music and interactive industries but dreams of being a traveling videographer on Anthony Bourdain’s tv show “No Reservations”. For fun, Corina cooks, writes about and posts pictures of food over at

Shannon Watkins – Writer: Music lover. bookworm. tv & movie addict. beer aficionado. cycling enthusiast. lover of interwebs. Followe her on Twitter at @shannonwatkins.

Ian Rogers – Writer, Books: Ian Rogers is a webmaster by day, and a writer/artist/photgrapher by night. He is the author of the Felix Renn series of supernatural noirs (he calls them “supernoirturals”), including “Temporary Monsters,” “The Ash Angels,” and “Black-Eyed Kids.” Information about the series can be found at Ian’s main web presence is located at, and you can follow him on Twitter at @onemoreshadow.


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