Undiscovered Country

Heroes & Villains: Snyder and Soule’s Undiscovered Country, Sienkiewicz, R.E.M.’s Monster

Undiscovered Country from Charles Soule and Scott Snyder arrives and is deserves all the hype.


Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes Get Personal on New Wave Tinged ‘End of Suffering’

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes get in your face and spill their guts, which is more pleasant than it sounds, on their third album, ‘End of Suffering.’

Cherry Red’s ‘Losing Touch with My Mind’ Set Explores British Neo-Psychedelia

Cherry Red’s ‘Losing Touch with My Mind’ is a sprawling three-disc set featuring some of the best (and worst) of British psychedelia from the late 80s.

Failure’s New Album Brings Long Title, Leaves Lasting Impact

The latest album from pioneering space rock band, Failure, is a heady trip into science fiction and madness that leaves the listener in a bit of a tizzy.

Daughters Delivers the Bads on Their Latest Album, ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’

‘You Won’t Get What You Want,’ the newest album from the Providence band, Daughters, is a challenging yet rewarding trip into the abyss.