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31 Days of Horror 2017: Halloween in the Marvel Animated Universe


With superheroes, and especially Marvel superheroes, probably being among the most popular Halloween trick or treat costumes this year, it might be worth checking out how the animated Marvel superheroes handle the holiday. What do the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and the Avengers do to celebrate Halloween? Meet me after the jump to find out…

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Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E26: ‘Civil War, Part Four: Avengers Revolution’


For the third season finale of Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution, all Avengers assemble to fight Ultron and find a way to free the Inhumans and the world from his control. Can they do it? Find out after the jump in my review of “Civil War, Part 4: Avengers Revolution.”

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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing The Week’s Marvels 1-25-2017


This week we have a handful of Marvel Comics spanning the variety of the Marvel Universe. There are endings to long-form storylines and the beginnings of new ones as well, a sampling of what is happening in one of the world’s most creative literary and visionary playgrounds. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Avengers: Monsters Unleashed #1, Black Panther #10, Deadpool #25, Doctor Strange #16, and Captain America: Steve Rogers #10.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04 E09: “Broken Promises”


The next phase of this season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is now underway, as noted in the subtitle LMD. Aida plots to once again possess the Darkhold, while keeping May captive and an LMD of her active with the team. Meanwhile a new Inhuman, Senator Nadeer’s brother Vijay, has emerged, and that’s only the start of this new beginning. Meet me after the jump for my review of “Broken Promises.”

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04 E07: “Deals with Our Devils”


When we last left Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., things were looking rather grim. Ghost Rider‘s uncle, Elias Morrow, had become a “god,” empowered by the Darkhold and able to create matter from thin air. With half the team missing, to quote Mack, “We’re in nightmare territory here, this is evil.” Meet me after the jump for my review of “Deals with Our Devils.”

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“Doctor Strange” Stays Strong, “Arrival” Finds An Audience

Marvel’s latest offering held strong at the box office this weekend, while a new release managed to exceed expectations. Here’s what went down:


Marvel’s Doctor Strange had an outstanding second weekend, bringing in an estimated $43 million, down just 49% from its opening weekend gross. The film has now brought in $153 million in North America and will have no trouble crossing $200 million.

Debuting in third place with $24 million was the weekend’s cerebral science fiction offering, Arrival. This certainly exceeded all expectations, but its strong reviews and the star power of Amy Adams certainly helped the film find an audience. There’s talk of an Oscar nomination for Adams for her performance and, having seen the film, I’d say the talk is more than warranted. Arrival could have some decent legs over the coming weeks as word of mouth spreads.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Comics

ag1While we’re on Election Week break with the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, I thought I’d take a peek at the ongoing Marvel comic of the same name. I wrote about S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 about a year ago here, but a lot has happened since then, including this ongoing series. The Agents have become firmly rooted in the Marvel Universe of the comics, and even embroiled in Civil War II. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – the comic series.

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Will a new Arrival take the top spot from Doctor Strange at the box office?

A new, non-franchise science fiction film arrives in theaters this weekend. Will it find an audience? Here’s our prediction:


Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and has been buzzed about for months now. The film is about the arrival of aliens on Earth, but appears to be taking a more cerebral approach rather than an ID4 ‘let’s blow ’em to hell’ one. How that plays out with audiences is the question, though considering the complete lack of interest in the Independence Day sequel, this may be the sci-fi film people are looking for. However, Arrival will have to contend with the Doctor Strange, so don’t expect to see it in the top spot. Arrival should debut in third place with $19 million.

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Doctor Strange weaves his spell on the box office

There’s something strange at the box office this weekend, and it managed to score with audiences. Here’s what went down:


Marvel’s Doctor Strange debut in first place this weekend with an outstanding $85 million. That’s definitely off from our predictions, but to be fair, I was shooting high with that one. The number is $0.7 million from Thor: The Dark World, the previous Marvel film to debut in November and one that wasn’t debuting a brand new MCU characters. Reviews have been solid across the board, and I’d be surprising if Doctor Strange doesn’t top out over $200 million in North America by the end of its run. It’s yet another home run for Marvel Studios.

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Will Doctor Strange weave a spell at the box office?

This weekend will be a big one at the box office, as the brain trust at Marvel Studios look to launch a brand new franchise with a classic character. Will they deliver the goods again? Here’s our prediction:


Doctor Strange is yet another new piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe about to be carved out. Directed by horror regular Scott Derrickson, the film follows Stephen Strange, a noticed surgeon who has lost the use of his hands, into the supernatural, spiritual side of the MCU. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Strange and, while he looks the part, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how much the actor is able to claim ownership on the character a la Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. As of this writing, the film is sitting at 90% fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes, which is simply outstanding. How will this translate at the box office this fall? Methinks fairly solidly, though not spectacularly. Look for a first place showing for Doctor Strange with $101 million.

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