Speed Your Way To ‘The Flash #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The heroic Scarlet Speedster races into an exciting new direction, still harkening all of the sci-fi story elements that The Flash comic books have always enjoyed!

Dig Deep Into The History Of ‘Gotham City Year One H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

Excavate the storied history of the awe-inspiring – and completely notorious – Gotham City!

Get To Know The ‘The Phantom Stranger Omnibus’ On The Wednesday Run

One of the most enigmatic heroes of the DC Comics pantheon of strange characters finally gets the compilation omnibus treatment!

Treat Your Artistic Self To The Classic ‘Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artists Edition HC’ On The Wednesday Run

A pop-culturally significant story, and a writer/artist’s early footing in comic book publishing gets a wonderfully oversized hardcover treatment.

The Numbers Add Up To Murder In ‘A Calculated Man’ On The Wednesday Run

The numbers all add up to murder in the trade paperback collection of a riveting comic book crime series!

Witness The Monstrous End Of Humanity In ‘Swamp Thing: Green Hell H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

There’s only one creature that can save the last remnants of humankind from a terrible monster!

Uncover The Conspiracy In ‘The Hidden River’ On The Wednesday Run

A compelling and shocking conspiracy of the esoteric lies hidden, waiting to be discovered and untangled…where secrets are revealed or madness unfolds!

Experience Two In One Endings With ‘The Second Fake Death Of Eddie Campbell & The Fate Of The Artist H/C ’ On The Wednesday Run

Today sees the release of a wonderful meta-autobiographic treatise on both the creator and his life – through the lens of the missing protagonist during the pandemic.

Fly Your Way To ‘Barnstormers #1’ On The Wednesday Run

A period piece comic book story about high flying acrobatics, romance…and murder!

Read & Live The Fiction Of ‘The Unwritten Compendium Vol. 1’ On The Wednesday Run

The beloved series about fame and fantasy, fathers and sons, and the relationships we have with what we read gets collected in the first of two giant compendiums.

Tour The Noir Crime Of ‘Night Fever H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

A fan-favourite and award-winning artistic team return with a story that dives deep into the noir genre, enthralling readers with atmospheric mystery and dark thrills.

Experience A Wonderful Piece of History In ‘Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

One of the most beautiful and fascinating explorations of the birth and early years of the Amazonian race gets fabulously collected into a long-awaited hardcover book.