Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2022: Rodrigo Gudiño’s ‘The Breach’

In Rodrigo Gudino’s ‘The Breach’, the landscape is beautiful, the actors are attractive, the horror is cosmic, and the special effects are gruesome.

The End Is Nigh In ‘Behold Behemoth #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The end of the world may not happen all at once – but in today’s release of Behold Behemoth, for one man, the end is most definitely nigh!

31 Days Of Horror 2022 – Get Demonically Spooked With ‘Damn Them All #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The comic book spooky season comes to a close with a story that gathers the occult, demons, hellfire, and the evil that lives in the hearts of men. Perfectly spooky stuff indeed!