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Start The New Year Right With A Free Month Of Shudder Canada!


Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows

Back in December we told you about how you could get a month of SHUDDER CANADA—the latest, greatest streaming horror service—for free.

You still can and you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your laptop! Follow me after the jump to find out more.
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The Exorcist S01 E10: “Three Rooms”


It’s hard to believe that ten episodes of The Exorcist have aired; it seems like it just started, and now it’s ended. Was Pazuzu driven from Angela for the second time? Pope Sebastian was coming to Chicago, was there an attempt on his life?

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Biff Bam Pop’s Super Duper Shudder Holiday Giveaway


Are you tired of hearing your cool friends brag about all the great content on SHUDDER CANADA?

Now you can be part of the horror movie-loving cognoscenti with your very own month-long subscription to the premiere streaming service… FOR FREE.

That’s right, we said FREE.
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Rob Zombie Likes It Raw: Talking About Movies With Shudder


Rob Zombie is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to his work as a director.
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The Exorcist S01 E09: “162”


After too many weeks, The Exorcist is back. Quite a few characters were killed off. Did any of your favorites meet their demise?

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Six Books To Stuff Into Stockings*

Being literate is especially important in our current post-truth, post-facts world. And it’s especially significant when you need to take a break from reality, look into the roots of current affairs, or just expand your horizons a little.

Here are six books that fit the bill.
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The Exorcist S01 E08: The Griefbearers


On last week’s episode of The Exorcist, Father Bennett discovered corpses and cremains in an old warehouse. The priests disagreed on the best course of action to take with Casey. What did they finally decide?

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Take a tour of the Monster High Character Encyclopedia

Every year my daughter and I discuss what’s going to make it on to her Christmas list. As she’s been getting older (she’s 6), she’s slowly found her way into playing with dolls, as most kids do. Thankfully, we live in a world where Barbie isn’t the standard anymore. For us pop culture lovin’, horror fans can at least enjoy our girls playing with Monster High.


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American Horror Story, Roanoke Season Finale: Chapter Ten


On the last episode of “American Horror Story” there is only one person left alive. Is Lee Harris still possessed by the Butcher? Will we be treated to another documentary, or the trial of the century? Will Lana Winters get the juicy scoop from Lee? Read the rest of this entry

The Exorcist S01 E07: Father of Lies


On last week’s episode of The Exorcist, we learned that Maria Walters and her cronies were behind the mysterious nine murders, using the body parts for their own summoning. Father Marcus recovered the missing Casey, but was she returned to her family?

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