The Week in Horror: ‘Cuphead’, ‘Honeycomb’, ‘All of Us Are Dead’ + more!

We’ve got releases from Shudder, from Netflix, as well as an interesting new project from James Wan. All that and a whole lot more in The Week in Horror!

The Week in Horror: ‘Apartment 7A’, ‘Studio 666′,’We’re All Going To The World’s Fair’, ‘X’, + more!

The week in horror is packed with new trailers for all sorts of weird stuff, including Ti West’s new one for A24, the Foo Fighters haunted house flick, and perhaps one of the most mind-bending trailers that centres around one massive egg.

The Heavens Pour Down Death With “Rain #1” On The Wednesday Run

Just when you think you’ve witnessed all forms of the apocalypse, menacing clouds gather and down pours a new kind of end-of-days horror!