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‘Dunkirk’ vs ‘Girls Trip’ vs ‘Valerian’ – who will win at the box office?

It’s another big summer weekend at the box office, as three new releases are looking to try and make an impact. Two of them should be a sure thing, while the other is definitely going to struggle. Which will come out on top? Here are our predictions:


Dunkirk, a World War II true story, is the latest from director Christopher Nolan, and is being hailed by some as the greatest war film ever. That’s a bold assertion, but Nolan is also one of our greatest directors, and he certainly could deliver. The trailers have been stunningly tense, and audiences will likely want to see Dunkirk on the big screen. Though war films don’t typically skew young, the appearance of One Direction’s Harry Styles in the film may actually bring in a female audience. Look for a first place showing for Dunkirk with $53 million.

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‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ wins the battle of the box office

Hey gang – technical difficulties today, so we’re just serving up the weekend results:

Here were our predictions:

1) War for the Planet of the Apes – $75 million
2) Spider-Man: Homecoming – $54 million
3) Despicable Me 3 – $20 million
4) Baby Driver – $9.5 million
5) The Big Sick – $9 million

Here’s how the weekend turned out:

1) War for the Planet of the Apes – $56.5 million
2) Spider-Man: Homecoming – $45.2 million
3) Despicable Me 3 – $18.9 million
4) Baby Driver – $8.75 million
5) The Big Sick – $7.6 million

It’s war between apes and spiders this weekend at the box office

It’s been a while since we’ve had an exciting dual at the box office, but things should heat up this weekend, as last week’s number one takes on a newcomer with some serious heat. Who will come out on top? Here’s our prediction:

War for the Planet of the Apes is the conclusion to the outstanding trilogy of films that have brought the Apes i franchise back to prominence. While Woody Harrelson may be the big name attached, there’s little doubt that Andy Serkis as the motion-capture ape leader Caesar will be who brings in audiences this weekend. Well, that and the fact that director Matt Reeves has made a serious name for himself. The previous film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes exceeded both the debut and gross of the original Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Fox and company are certainly hoping for a similar result. The only thing that could spoil the primate party is if Spider-Man: Homecoming continues its winning ways. It may be a battle for first place, and we predict that, with its already strong reviews and word of mouth, War for the Planet of the Apes will come out on top. Look for a first place debut with $75 million.

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Blu-ray Round-Up: CHIPs, Life, Absolutely Anything

As always, I’ve been playing catch up with a few films that have been sent my way for review. Here are three – two worth watching, and one must avoid:


CHIPS (Warner Brothers) – This big screen film based on the beloved tv series from the late 70s got zero audience and poor reviews when it was released earlier this year, but guess what: this Dax Sheppard-directed film, that co-stars Sheppard and Michael Pena is a hell of a lot of fun. The two have genuine chemistry together as reluctant highway patrol partners who wind up as friends, as they work to take down corrupt members of the California Highway Patrol, led by the always entertaining Vincent D’Onofrio. The humour is fairly low brow, but there are some genuine laughs, and the cast definitely give it their all. While far from a classic, CHIPS deserved better than it got in theaters, and now is the perfect time to catch up with it. And I don’t think you’re going to hear a better line all year than “Shut up and turn down the fucking Toto.”

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Trailer Time: The Dark Tower



We’re just a few short weeks away from the arrival of The Dark Tower in cinemas. I’m a devotee of Stephen King’s magnum opus (I’ll show you the Tower tattooed on my arm sometime), and I’m very much looking forward to the film, which stars Idris Elba as The Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as The Man In Black.

Yes, it will be different from the books, and there’s talk that the film has its issues. However, the books will always be there, and I’m sure that, even if it’s far from perfect, I’ll find things I love with this adaptation/sequel.

Here’s the latest trailer, which is a lot of fun. Will you be seeing The Dark Tower when it opens on August 4th?

Homecoming brings Spider-Man home to Marvel and the top of the box office


Spider-Man: Homecoming made an impact at the box office, bringing the wall-crawler back to critical and commercial glory following a series of missteps. Here’s what went down:

The first Marvel/Sony collaboration, Spider-Man: Homecoming brought in an estimated $118 million, which would make it the second highest debut for a Spider-Man film after Spider-Man 3’s $151.1 million back in 2007. That film, though, was a critical bust, while this newest one has received some of the best reviews for a superhero film.

I literally just walked out of it and I can tell you, I sat there with a grin on my face for nearly the entire run time. Tom Holland is great as Peter Parker, who skews younger here than in any other incarnation. Meanwhile, as The Vulture, Michael Keaton, is, alongside Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, one of the greatest incarnations of a villain in any Spidey film. Being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe allows for some great jokes and cameo performances from familiar faces, but this is still a film that rests on the shoulders of the main character, not to mention the young crop of actors that do help deliver the John Hughes vibe that had been mooted for Spider-Man: Homecoming. A win for everyone involved, along with fans.

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Will ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ swing into the top spot at the box office?

Thwip! Pop culture’s favourite web-slinger returns to movie theaters this weekend, and is looking to right the wrongs of previous films. Will it be an amazing weekend? Here’s our prediction:


Following Tom Holland’s debut as Spider-Man in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, Sony and Marvel Studios bring the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Reviews have already been solid for this teen-centered film that supposedly play like a John Hughes movie with super-heroes, and Holland has a lot of good will coming his way thanks to his outstanding debut appearance beside the Avengers. Throw in Robert Downey’s Tony Stark in a supporting role, and Michael Keaton as the Vulture, and you’ve got a guaranteed number one at the box office. Look for Spider-Man: Homecoming to arrive with $120 million.

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Despicable Me 3 wins the weekend, Baby Driver debuts strong

Gru and his Minions returned this weekend, and managed to wipe out all the competition. Here’s what went down:

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3, while down from the previous film’s opening weekend gross, still had a solid debut, bringing in an estimated $80 million. That’s slightly off from the previous film’s $83 million debut, and far off from Minions‘ $115 million two years ago. However, there’s still life in the franchise, to be sure.

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Despicable Me 3 looking to top the box office this weekend

It’s Canada Day Long Weekend and July 4th Long Weekend, which means folks will definitely be heading to the movies this weekend. With a bunch of new releases in theatres, there will be lots to choose from. But, only one film can be number one. Which will it be? Here’s our prediction:

Despicable Me 3 is the third entry in the popular franchise featuring the voice of Steve Carell (fourth if you count the spin-off Minions film). This animated feature should easily lock up the top spot at the box office, as it will be the choice for families over the long weekend. Though there’s some potential audience fatigue, I’m betting that there’s still big demand for this franchise. Look for Despicable Me 3 to debut with $98 million.

Baby Driver is the new car chase/heist film from director Edgar Wright. The film opened this past Wednesday to near unanimous praise. Wright films don’t usually perform well in North America, but this should be a breakthrough for him. Look for it to arrive in second place with $19 million. Read the rest of this entry

#Kirby100: IDW’s Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks: Artisan Edition

I can’t draw to save my life. But I can look at the work of Jack Kirby all day. And while there are countless digital compilations of so much of his seminal work at DC and Marvel, there’s something about holding physical collections of King Kirby’s great art that is something special.

The folks at IDW know this, and for years have been releasing outstanding large-scale volumes of original Kirby art and stories. Slightly smaller than their award-winning artist editions is their book Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks: Artisan Edition.

Jack Kirby Artisan Edition.jpg

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