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‘Jumanji’ remains #1, new releases follow at the box office

It was a solid weekend at the box office for new releases, with a surprise showing for one in particular. Here’s what went down:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was on top of the box office for another weekend, bringing in $20 million and raising its total to $316 million off of a $90 million. It’s become the fifth biggest film in Sony Pictures.  Read the rest of this entry


Will ‘12 Strong’ demonstrate any muscle at the box office this weekend?

This weekend’s big new release is hoping that  fans will come out to support A lynchpin of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will it happen? Here’s our prediction:

12 strong

12 Strong is the truelife story of the first soldiers to go over to Afghanistan following the events of September 11th, 2001. It features a strong cast led by Chris Hemsworth who, while charming and versatile, hasn’t had much success as a leading man outside of his role as Thor in the various Marvel movies. However, Thor: Ragnarok was the most succesful of three God of Thunder films so far, so there could be some serious audience goodwill coming Hemsworth’s way. Look for 12 Strong to debut in second place with $15 million.

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‘Jumanji’ holds off all newcomers at the box office

The top spot at the box office was no surprise this weekend, while only one new release really came to play. Here’s what went down:

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was number one for another weekend, bringing in an estimated $27.2 million and raising its total within spitting distance of $300 million, which it should pass by this time next week.  Read the rest of this entry

Pennywise comes home: ‘IT’ on Blu-ray reviewed

Last year’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic 1986 massive horror novel IT proved to be a huge draw for horror fans. The film grossed $700 million worldwide, the biggest horror movie of all time. And the great thing is, IT is absolutely outstanding as both a film with frights and a coming of age tale.

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New Releases Look to Take Down ‘Jumanji’ at the Box Office

Liam Neeson has a very specific set of skills, and he’s going to be plying them at the box office this weekend. Will he take over the top spot? Here’s our prediction:

The Commuter is yet another film starring Liam Neeson as an action star. Is the schtick getting old? Judging by the lack of real hype surrounding this film, the answer is probably yes. Though he has an audience, there’s likely not enough of them of that moment to give the film a big arrival. Look for a fifth place showing with $14.5 million.

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Trailer Time – ‘Hellraiser: Judgement’

Is it even remotely possible that a new Hellraiser film, without Doug Bradley as Pinhead and with no connection to Clive Barker, can possibly good? Especially after the series devolved into straight to VOD travesties? Judging by the trailer for Hellraiser: Judgement, the answer is…maybe? Take a look below and let us know what you think. Thanks for the folks at Bloody-Disgusting for getting this out there.

Hellraiser: Judgement is released on February 13th, 2018.

‘D.O.A.: A Right of Passage’ is a Messy, Essential Document of Punk

The documentary D.O.A. was filmed almost guerrilla style, funded by High Times magazine, with director Lech Kowalski following the Sex Pistols on the doomed 1978 tour of America. The band didn’t want him there, Johnny Rotten was suspicious of High Times, and as it runes out, the Pistols would fall apart after just seven gigs. Despite all that, Kowalski captured an important moment in rock history and peppered it with a few other notable acts.

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‘Jumanji’ Tops the Box Office, ‘Insidious’ Debuts Strong

It was a big weekend for The Rock at the box office, and a big weekend for the one debuting release. Here’s what went down:

After a few weeks of acting the bridesmaid, this weekend Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was the bride of the box office, bringing in an estimated $36 million and raising its total to a fantastic $244 million. Can someone say sequel?

Debuting in second place, and overperforming, was Insidious: The Last Key with $29 million. $7 million more than the third instalment made when it opened in June of 2015. Reviews were decent for the film, and its PG-13 rating certainly didn’t hurt.

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Where Will ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ Debut This Weekend?

It’s the first weekend of 2018, and one new release is hoping to knock Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the top spot. Will it succeed? Here’s our prediction:

Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth instalment in the succesful horror franchise that continues to scare up box office dollars. The film should do fairly well this weekend, but it’s doubtful that it will be able to compete with either the juggernaut that is The Last Jedi or the surprisingly popular Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. Look for it to get teens out and debut in third place with $19 million.

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‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Is a Treat for the Whole Family

With a holiday season as cold as this one has been, a trip to the movies with my family was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Here in the town of Cobourg, Ontario, we have a better than average Rainbow Cinema. The screens aren’t huge, the seats don’t recline and the sound doesn’t make your eyes bleed, but the popcorn is fresh, the lines are short and the pre-show and trailers clock in at five minutes max. Overall, its a perfect place for my wife and I to take our two kids (boy, 6 and girl, 9) to enjoy a movie that doesn’t require 3D, IMAX or any other ballyhoo to be enjoyed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new, updated Jumanji flick, but it did have a few things going for it right off the top. First, The Rock (sorry, Dwayne Johnson). I’m a mark and thus far, with the possible exception of Doom, I have yet to not enjoy a movie that he was in. Second, Jack Black. I haven’t seen all his movies, but School of Rock will always have a spot on my shelf. And, third, Karen Gillan. Karen and I go way back to her days as Amy Pond, so seeing her get a second big Hollywood gig after Guardians of the Galaxy is a treat. I couldn’t tell you anything about the director and I’d only seen a few trailers, so stars aside, my expectations were measured to say the least.
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