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The Librarians S03 E08: And The Eternal Question


It this week’s episode of The Librarians, it’s disconcerting zen, sunbathing vampires, and it can’t be said enough, Jenkins is a badass!

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Loretta Sisco Reviews Outlander S02 E10: Prestonpans



Last week’s episode of Outlander was slow going, with an hour devoted to training seemingly untrainable men. While Jamie and Murtagh had their hands full with that job, Claire was troubled by memories and flashbacks of her time spent in World War II. Did the pace pick up in this latest installment?

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Glenn Walker Reviews X-Factor – Countdown to X-Men: Apocalypse


When most folks these days think of X-Factor, they think of that failed Simon Cowell talent show that ran for three seasons on Fox. I think of the short-lived teaming of the original X-Men that first encountered the mutant Apocalypse. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on X-Factor: Countdown to X-Men: Apocalypse.

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The Ten Percent – Ingmar Bergman

“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” – Theodore Sturgeon

Hello and welcome to another installment of “The Ten Percent,” a regular column here on BiffBamPop where every other week Ensley F. Guffey and I take a look at the inverse of Sturgeon’s Law; in other words, the small portion of everything which is not crud. In the case of cinematic entertainment, it can sometimes be hard to remember that for each film that has people talking decades after its premiere, there are hundreds of others that barely clear the horizon before being (thankfully) shot down. The works that last; the ones that people talk about all those years later – those are the works that form the Ten Percent. It’s not a question of genre – musicals are in here, along with slapstick comedy, animation, screaming horror and more.


Rather than discuss a particular film with this installment, I want to go bigger and talk about a filmmaker who had a gigantic impact on me and (hopefully) on you, for my goal with this column is to get you to put an Ingmar Bergman picture on your “must watch” list.

A who?

Ernst Ingmar Bergman (1918 – 2007) was a Swedish director, writer, and producer whose impact on film is indisputable. Beginning in the early 1950s, he formed a creative company of actors (including Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson, and Max von Sydow) who would appear over and over in his dozens of films, many of which dealt with dark themes such as betrayal, death, and insanity.

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Next week, the Mad Titan embarks on a new journey. But first, Marvel is proud to present your new look at Thanos: The Infinity Revelation OGN – the next original graphic novel in Marvel’s all new OGN line. Featuring the world’s most popular characters brought to life by the best creators, Marvel’s new OGNs debut in a high-end, oversized format featuring sophisticated packaging and design. Check out the preview pages after the jump.

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The Mad Titan Returns for Thanos Annual #1


This May, Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, the legendary team that brought you The Infinity Gauntlet return for an epic untold tale of the Mad Titan like you’ve never seen him before. Today, Marvel is proud to present your very first look at THANOS ANNUAL #1! More info to come, and the sneak preview, after the jump.

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Resurrection S01 E07: Schemes of the Devil


Rachel ep7

The situation has gone from bad to worse for the citizens of Arcadia. On the last episode, while Henry came to terms with the fact that Jacob might vanish into thin air like Caleb, and Helen fired up the church members against Pastor Tom; Rachael was kidnapped. Will Bellamy and Sheriff Langston help Tom find his formerly dead, but very pregnant ex-girlfriend? Will we ever learn why the dead are returning? Meet me after the jump, but be careful of the epidemic.

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February Faves: JP Fallavollita’s Favourite Comic Book Issues

It’s a tough job to break down the single best comic book issues of all-time when you’ve been regularly reading comics for over three decades. I know there are some of you out there that have been reading for far longer. That’s a lot of monthly reading!

Still, when I give it some hard thought, I find the stories that moved me the most, for various reasons, quickly come to mind. Actually, they always seem to stay there.

They are the stories that I go back to and read regularly, again and again. They provide excitement and heartache. They elicit an inquisitiveness with life, and they stimulate an enhanced love for the art form.

For me, then, the following five comic books are my favourite single-issue comics of all time.

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Dreams Come True With The Sandman: Overture #1 On The Wednesday Run–October 30, 2013

“You woke up.” That’s how the story ended in The Sandman, issue #72.

The fan favourite and critically acclaimed series would continue for three more, single-chapter issues outside the scope of the main storyline, of course, famously concluding with the William Shakespeare inspired story, The Tempest in issue #75.

But it’s how The Sandman began that is of interest today.

“Wake up,” are the first words you read when you open the pages to The Sandman #1.

But what happened before that? Well, today, begins that overture.

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Infinity: Going Through the Motions


Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event at Marvel Comics continues this week in two crossover tie-in stories. In Captain Marvel #15, the Avengers in deep space try to recover from the disastrous Battle of the Corridor, while in New Avengers #9, the heroes left on Earth brace themselves for the assault of Thanos. Read my thoughts, after the jump.

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