Fly Your Way To ‘Barnstormers #1’ On The Wednesday Run

A period piece comic book story about high flying acrobatics, romance…and murder!

Take The Tour With ‘City Boy #1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC Comics rolls out their latest We Are Legends, Dawn Of DC series of new characters with diverse backgrounds – this one taking readers on a tour of the greatest cities in the DC Universe!

Stand Guard With The Worldly ‘The Vigil #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Did you think all superheroes and superhero teams originated and operated in North America? Think again! Time to go globetrotting with a new superhero team!


See Dead People…And Hear Their Stories In ‘Ghostlore #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Everyone has a story to tell. Even the dead. A new horror comic book series tells the most terrifying of tales – all from the mouths of ghosts!

Set Your Peepers And Your Fears On ‘All Eight Eyes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Eight-legged arachnids run afoul, creating a heightened phobia for readers of this biting new horror miniseries!

Nightmares Continue In ‘Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country: The Glass House #1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC Comics continues to satiate Sandman fans by offering a new chapter in the horrifically popular Nightmare Country comic book series.

Come And Meet ‘The Neighbors #1’ On The Wednesday Run

When you move into a new house, nothing is ever what it seems: not the house, not the neighborhood and certainly not the neighbors!

Drive Yourself Down The Horrifying ‘Phantom Road #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Todays’ comic book must-read is a road trip tale packed with mystery -– and horror – all courtesy of two of comicdom’s top creators!

Non-Fiction That Will Make You Believe In ‘Blue Book #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Those fabulous, maybe-non-fiction, accounts that begat your love for government conspiracy theories and interest in the heightened probability of UFO’s are back, better than ever!

Skeletons Fall Out Of The Closet With ‘Bulls Of Beacon Hill #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Crime and politics should never entwine, but in this new thriller they go together like hand in glove – or like father and son!

Find Furtive & Noirish Danger With ‘Spy Superb #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Deep-state fakery and international mayhem is at hand when the perfect spy is someone who doesn’t even know that they are one!

Go Forth And Explore Your ‘Fear Of A Red Planet #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The frontier land of the Old West, and all of its inherent chaos and danger, becomes near term speculative science fiction in a new Mars-centric noir comic book series.