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31 Days of Horror 2017: Creations of Chaos: Four Creepy Animated Shorts

On this special 31 Days of Horror edition of Creations of Chaos, it’s changeling foxes, voodoo dolls, mean girl regrets, and my least favorite thing ever, eyeball stuff. It’s Four Creepy Animated Shorts.

Animation shorts collage

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#Kirby100 Celebrations Are Now In Your Dreams With “The Sandman Special #1” On The Wednesday Run

Thank goodness August has thirty-one days in it.

It allows us to have the longest possible (monthly) time period to celebrate all things Jack Kirby during #Kirby100, the month that would have seen the King’s 100th birthday.

Over the last few weeks, DC Comics has been blowing up the balloons, hanging the streamers, and lighting the candles with a number of Kirby-related one-shot specials. Each has highlighted a different Kirby creation. And this column has done its best to highlight them here for you:

Mister Miracle #1 – which you need to read now, if you haven’t already!

The New Gods Special #1 – hopefully you didn’t miss it!

The Kamandi Challenge #1 – the fun 12-issue series which has been around since January!

You can find more of Jack Kirby and the summer-themed #Kirby100 celebrations by Biff Bam Pop! writers here. But today brings us to another, somewhat obscure, Kirby creation…one that has influenced DC Comics in a number of important ways over the last thirty years.

Today sees the release of The Sandman Special #1!

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Gobbledygeek: The Sandman: Overture


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents Gobbledygeek featuring hosts Paul Smith and AJ Wiley and focusing on a variety of entertainment subjects, with our hosts and special guests frequently discussing films, comics, and television.

This week, Paul and AJ return to The Dreaming with special guest Eric Sipple to conclude their coverage of the classic Neil Gaiman creation – The Sandman. See and hear more after the jump.

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February Faves: JP Fallavollita’s Favourite Comic Book Issues

It’s a tough job to break down the single best comic book issues of all-time when you’ve been regularly reading comics for over three decades. I know there are some of you out there that have been reading for far longer. That’s a lot of monthly reading!

Still, when I give it some hard thought, I find the stories that moved me the most, for various reasons, quickly come to mind. Actually, they always seem to stay there.

They are the stories that I go back to and read regularly, again and again. They provide excitement and heartache. They elicit an inquisitiveness with life, and they stimulate an enhanced love for the art form.

For me, then, the following five comic books are my favourite single-issue comics of all time.

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Dreams Come True With The Sandman: Overture #1 On The Wednesday Run–October 30, 2013

“You woke up.” That’s how the story ended in The Sandman, issue #72.

The fan favourite and critically acclaimed series would continue for three more, single-chapter issues outside the scope of the main storyline, of course, famously concluding with the William Shakespeare inspired story, The Tempest in issue #75.

But it’s how The Sandman began that is of interest today.

“Wake up,” are the first words you read when you open the pages to The Sandman #1.

But what happened before that? Well, today, begins that overture.

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31 Days Of Horror 2013: It’s The Witching Hour On The Wednesday Run–October 2, 2013

Finally! It’s October – the favourite month of the year for us here at Biff Bam Pop!

Get ready for a wild ride over the coming days and weeks as we celebrate all manner of scariness, from film, to television to music to books. We’ve already kicked off the festive occasion yesterday, but this column is your first shot of comic book horror.

Quake with fear, for The Witching Hour is here!

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Get Winter Term Essay Writing Help From Annotated Notes And The Sandman On The Wednesday Run – January 4, 2012

The groundbreaking, award winning, much loved The Sandman series from Vertigo Comics ended quite some time ago. Over fifteen years ago, actually. But that fact hasn’t gotten in the way of Vertigo Comics (an offshoot of DC Comics) publishing ancillary, off-shoot material this past decade and a half. The Sandman was an immensely popular series when its seventy-five issues were first circulated from 1989 through to 1996, pushing the boundaries – and some might even say creating them – of what a comic book could be.

And DC quickly realized that there’s money to be made in them ‘thar new boundaries!

Since the series debuted, the company has released a plethora of trade paperback collections, hardcover collections and reprints of the series; numerous Absolute (oversized hardcover) editions – my personal favourite – and various periodicals, all starring obscure characters from the original stories in order to cash in on The Sandman zeitgeist. Truth be said, most of that stuff was pretty well put together, too.

Neil Gaiman, the man who conceived and wrote The Sandman for the entirety of its monthly run, moved on to other challenges – namely becoming a world-renowned, best selling novelist. Maybe you’ve read Stardust, American Gods or The Graveyard Book? Well, The Sandman is where it all started.

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Remember, remember – V, Guy Fawkes and that day in November

This Saturday occupies a very interesting date on the calendar.

We’ll get to why in a moment, but first, a question:

Does this face to the left look familiar to you?  Can you put a name to it?

If you said V, from V for Vendetta, you’re right.

But that face stands for a whole lot more than just one of Alan Moore’s great works.

To some, it’s the face of religiously-inspired terrorism.

To others, it’s counter-culture made material.

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