Figure Friday – SH Figuarts: Spider-Man: No Way Home, Masters of the Universe: Origins Scare Glow

This Figure Friday finds E.A. Henson waxing poetic on the upcoming SH Figuarts: Spider-Man: No Way Home release, while also sharing the history of Masters of the Universe’s Scare Glow.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Books on Comic Book History and Characters

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is highlighting some recent titles that trace the history of comic book artists, characters, and universes.

Heroes & Villains: ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Flash Forward’ #1, and ‘Inferior 5’

E.A. Henson is near giddy about the Abrams’ take on ‘Spider-Man,’ the return of Wally West in ‘Flash Forward,’ and the reappearance of the Inferior Five!