Bad Luck Chuck

Heroes & Villains: Bad Luck Chuck, She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot, Jim Henson’s The Story Teller: Sirens

This week’s edition of Heroes & Villains has a triple threat of comics for you; one from the past, one from the future, and one out today.

Avengers: Infinity War

The BBP! Writers Assemble Their ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Wish List

The most eagerly anticipated pop culture film of the last 10 years is here! Biff Bam Pop’s stable of comic book and MCU aficionados has a litany of Avengers: Infinity War desires. What are they and which ones will we get? Read on for our pure, unadulterated, speculative, geek-out wish list!

31 Days of Horror 2017: Alien Toilet Monsters

Aliens, toilets, and monsters. Three things that are all relevant to my interests. So, am I going to be interested in reviewing a comic by Carol Zara and Eric Barnett … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror 2017: Alien Toilet Monsters