Jeffery X Martin lives in a secret enclave, protected by wild turkeys and bobcats, somewhere in the Great American South. He is the author of five books, available through Amazon, and the former co-host of the podcast, "Kiss the Goat." He has been previously published on Popshifter and Machine Mean. In his spare time, he enjoys professional wrestling, Italian horror movies, and post-punk janglepop.

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 5: Rush Instrumentals

Join Jeffery X Martin and his guest, BBP founder and editor-in-chief, Andy Burns, as they geek out about instrumentals by Rush on ‘Songs in the Key of X.’

Tears For Fears

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 4: Tears for Fears

‘Songs in the Key of X’ returns to discuss the dark glory that is Tears for Fears, and giving you five of their songs to listen and brood through.

31 Days of Horror Presents Songs in the Key of X, Episode 3 – John Carpenter

This week, Songs in the Key of X discusses and presents five of the greatest tracks written by John Carpenter.

shock rock

Songs in the Key of X Episode 2 – Shock Rock

This week’s episode of ‘Songs in the Key of X’ looks at shock rock, where the kids love it, the parents hate it, and the hailing of Satan abounds.

31 Days of Horror: ‘Halloween: H20 – 20 Years Later’ Begins the Haddonfield Multiverse

‘Halloween: H20 – 20 Years Later’ takes everything you know about the franchise, runs it through a meat grinder, and winds up a bloody mess.

31 Days of Horror: The Cheese Stands Alone in ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch”

There’s always a stigma when you’re perceived as different, and the Michael-free ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ suffers unfairly from that syndrome.