The Librarians S03 E08: And The Eternal Question


It this week’s episode of The Librarians, it’s disconcerting zen, sunbathing vampires, and it can’t be said enough, Jenkins is a badass!

After a golfer spontaneously combusts, Ezekiel, Jake, and Cassie, head off to investigate an idealistic spa, run by an unusual family. When it’s found that the spa provides what some see as miraculous healing, Cassie wonders if the spa could be the answer to her own medical ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, not everyone who works at the spa is zen, and an uncovered nefarious plot tries to take a bite out of our Librarians.

Zen and Vampires

I’m more or less neutral when it comes to vampires as a whole. I neither love them, nor hate them. For me, a lot depends on how an individual vampire is portrayed.

What was great about this episode was that there are vampires, but they’re not overly exaggerated. They are mostly presented as normal people just trying to live as normal a life as they can.


It’s not until the end that a group breaks off to become the familiar, villainous, predators of lore.

I’m taking Stone and Ezekiel’s side. I would have had my vampire hunting trench coat too. No matter how nice and zen they seem, no matter how much lemonade they give you, you can’t trust a vampire. Especially vampires with fancy goatees. You just know they are bound to turn on you.


I thought that the fight scene between Stone, Ezekiel, and the vampires was the best choreographed fight scene so far this season. It had such an interesting flow and did a good job showing what type of brawn the others have when their guardian is not around to rough up the bad guys. Stone using Ezekiel as a weapon was especially fun.

Of course you can’t talk about the fight scene without talking about how it ends. Jenkins is a badass. Swinging duel blades, those awesome moves, and all to save Cassandra, it made my heart giddy. Just when I think I can’t love him more, Jenkins does something new and amazing. Too bad he’s taken… sigh… I think it’s easy to forget that Jenkins is a knight of the round table with his mild mannered demeanor and the snazzy suits, but this week he reminded everyone that he is dashing and deadly.


Farewell Brain Grape

I wasn’t as anxious as everyone else about the probability of Cassie dying during this episode. I didn’t think it was going to happen, unless actress Lindy Booth decided to leave the show. If that were the case, I thought it would be easy to make Cassie the human sacrifice that Flynn needed to defeat Apep, and we’re still two episodes away from all of that mess. Since I hadn’t heard that Lindy had any intentions of leaving the show, I was fairly sure she would survive the episode. With that said, it was still a very emotional, thought provoking storyline. Even if she didn’t die, the fear that she could lose her gift, the thing that made her special, that made her a Librarian, felt very real.

Cassie had some difficult choices to make. First, she had to decide if she was willing to give up her gift, the thing that determined her entire current life, in exchange for more time on this earth. After being offered a chance to become a vampire, she could keep her gift, she could have immortality, but she would most likely have to give up parts of her current life. The other alternative, keep what makes her special, but die as a consequence.

Cassie chooses to face her burden alone, instead of relying on her friends for support. It’s not until things are the direst, and until Jenkins intervenes, that she finally consents to the surgery to remove the brain grape.

The hospital scene was exceptionally well staged. The slow pacing, the silence, and pulled back view, forced things back down to earth.


It’s a scenario that almost everyone has experienced at least once.

Amongst all of the fight scenes, fantasy, crazy villains, and snarky comments, the hospital scene was a touching way to bring everything back to a sense of reality. Life is life, and no matter what our talents, we are above all, the people who we care about and who care about us. It exemplified the thing that makes this such a fantastic show, the characters and their relationships with each other.

I thought that Cassandra’s brain tumor was a device that was used well and creatively in these first few seasons. I’m happy however that it was successfully removed and that her abilities continue to be exceptional, if not improved. I think this will give Cassie’s character an even greater ability to grow and develop, whether for good, well that is yet to be determined. I’m still waiting to see where all of the “magic is dangerous” warnings will lead.

For as neutral as I am about vampires, I’m absolutely crazy for ninjas, and it looks like there will be ample ninja action in next week’s penultimate, Season Three episode.

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  1. So many great things. 😀 … caffeniated Cassandra. Her wardrobe choices, especially at the end. That kiss! … asking Jenkins out on a date – I think that was more about Jenkins being immortal and her only having days to live – the sparks between Cassandra and Estrella. (I do hope they find time to visit) … That kiss! 😀

    1. It was a great episode. I’m afraid when I drink coffee, I’m just like caffeinated Cassandra. I love to see Estrella make a future appearance

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