Resurrection S01 E07: Schemes of the Devil


Rachel ep7

The situation has gone from bad to worse for the citizens of Arcadia. On the last episode, while Henry came to terms with the fact that Jacob might vanish into thin air like Caleb, and Helen fired up the church members against Pastor Tom; Rachael was kidnapped. Will Bellamy and Sheriff Langston help Tom find his formerly dead, but very pregnant ex-girlfriend? Will we ever learn why the dead are returning? Meet me after the jump, but be careful of the epidemic.


While Jacob plays with his new friend, Jenny on the monkey bars, poor Rachael is at the mercy of Gary and his comrades. She’s denied food and water until she reveals the whereabouts of Caleb, but Rachael doesn’t know and Gary won’t believe her. Gary, like Helen, is a bible thumper with a grudge against anything not mentioned in The Book.

Bellamy and Tom are desperate to find Rachel and turn to Jacob, the human divining rod, for help. Why is Jacob afraid to help them? Unable to get Jacob’s help, the two men go to Sheriff Langston. At first I thought the sheriff was back to his old ways, especially when he tells Tom that he won’t help search for Rachael, but it was a ruse and Sheriff Langston has a long talk with his deputy.

Blood Tests

Maggie and Dr. Ward are doing tests on the returned, but there’s a slight problem. Caleb’s blood has vanished like its owner. There is something different with the returned’s blood, and Dr. Ward knows what it is. He shows Maggie a blood sample with cancer cells; leukemia. Then he shows Maggie the same blood after he treated it with Jacob’s white cells; cancer gone. Dr. Ward has leukemia and a vested interest in doing more tests and he offers Maggie a job in Maryland.


Gary, man of few words and fewer brain cells wants to do his own test on Rachael. Will she bleed if he cuts her with a knife? I don’t know about you, but Rachael trying to scare Gary by pretending that she’s the devil, just wasn’t smart. Never challenge a crazed man.


Why did the Sheriff go to Gary’s cabin without backup? Real police don’t do this, but in Arcadia the rules are made up as we go along. Gary is not giving up Rachael without a fight. The Sheriff pulls out his gun, Gary pulls out his gun, and Bellamy enters with his gun drawn. Everybody is waving their guns around and the only unarmed person in the room is killed. Well, to be honest Tom wasn’t armed, but he wasn’t much help and Rachel is dead again.


Jacob is acting like a normal boy, challenging the rules and arguing with Lucille about staying home and out of sight. But, like my grandsons, Jacob knows how to climb out of windows. Boys! Poor Lucille and Henry search the area only to find Jacob with Jennie and her family. They are all recently returned, and they’re not alone.

Maggie tries to make Bellamy jealous by mentioning her job offer in Maryland, which Bellamy is too clueless to realize, but he spots something familiar on the road he’s driving on; Rachael. Yes, she’s back and wearing the red dress. This chick won’t stay dead. Back at the police station, the Sheriff and his deputies are faced with an epidemic of returning dead.


A man from the 50’s, an American soldier from the Korean War, people are coming back from the dead and it’s starting to look like Woodstock. Could Barbara be back too? Sheriff Langston and Maggie think so, but Barbara is not at the house.


What will happen to the living now that the dead are coming back in droves? We have enough hungry people already in the world, and those dead people are big eaters. Will the living be more open-minded when it’s their relatives returning from the dead? The sheriff’s receptionist was bad mouthing the returned until she received that phone call from her sister.

Maggie found her mother, but not at dad’s house. The heart wants what the heart wants, even if you’re fresh from the grave. I don’t think this situation is happening just in Arcadia, but enough people have returned for the military to finally step in, and that won’t be good for either living or returned.

Next week is the season finale and I can’t wait to see what happens. How about you?

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  1. Cool episode and great review!! I missed some of last nite thanks for filling me in

  2. My wife and I really enjoyed the latest episode; just as the show was starting to drag, they picked up some much needed speed. Very excited about the upcoming season finale! 🙂

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