Gilbert Speaks on John Barnard’s “Wintertide”

As a story of isolation, Wintertide cuts deep for Marie Gilbert.

Gilbert Speaks on Destry Allyn Spielberg’s “Let Me Go (The Right Way)”

What do you get when the offspring of famous actors, directors, writers, and producers get together? In the case of “Let Me Go (The Right Way)”, you get one hell of a thriller!

Review: Robbie Banfitch’s ‘The Outwaters’ is Pure Terror in an Beautiful Package

In his debut film The Outwaters, Robbie Banfitch has created a found-footage nightmare that plays with many of the esoteric vibes as Kyle Edward Ball’s Skinamarink, but careens in the opposite direction with more of a maximalist take. 

Cabin at the end of the World Knock at the Cabin

Dave Bautista Delivers in “Knock at the Cabin,” Based on Paul Tremblay’s “The Cabin at the End of the World”

Knock at the Cabin features striking visuals and an outstanding performance by Dave Bautista, but it won’t replace Paul Tremblay’s original novel.

Review: Liz Fania Werner and Carlos Montaner’s ‘Waking Karma’

Waking Karma is a movie that, on paper at least, explores unspeakable cruelty and the agency of women in the face of a patriarchal cult. It perhaps lacks a certain artfulness and gravity, but it goes so low, so hard on its main eponymous lead character, that it has a haunting effect.