The Way I See It Highlights The Empathy And Excellence Of The Obama Years

The Way I See It is an excellent portrayal of a time, place, and man the likes of whom we might not see again.

Fantasia 2020 Review: Amelia Moses’ BLEED WITH ME

In Amelia Moses’ feature debut, Bleed With Me, big-time scares are traded for much more nuanced prods at her viewers’ comfort levels.

Catch and Release

‘Catch and Release’ Looks Good But Paints With Too Many Broad Strokes

Catch and Release features gorgeous landscape and strong performances, but suffers from too many story misses.

Review – Natalie Erika James’s RELIC is One of 2020’s Best Horror Surprises

Natalie Erika James’s Relic isn’t a slow burn, it’s a just-right burn, never revealing any more than it has to, unraveling at exactly the right pace to burrow into you.

Tingle Monsters

Final Girls Film Festival Review – Alexandra Serio’s ‘Tingle Monsters’

Projects like Alexandra Serio’s Tingle Monsters are a reason why Final Girls and other festivals that specifically give women and non-binary filmmakers a platform are so important.