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Uncover Oz In “Action Comics #987” On The Wednesday Run

It’s been a year and a half in the making:

A comic book mystery to rival all others!  A senses shattering surprise that not only changes the DC Universe as we know it today, but one that will have echoes and reverberations for decades to come! It’s a long-play reveal that no one could possibly see coming!

Well, maybe a few did. And it’s not like we haven’t all read over-the-top superlatives about comic book crossover event series’ before.

But the DC Universe Rebirth initiative from the spring of 2016 that saw the reboot/relaunch of their classic characters and publications has seen a swell in the comic book company’s sales figures. Their monthly offerings have delighted both critics and fans and has got all the industry buzzing about what happens next in the story.

Rebirth has been a success.

At the heart of that story, someone named Mr. Oz, you see, has been pulling the strings of heroes, villains and possibly reality itself, from behind the scenes.

Today, in Action Comics #987, Mr. Oz, finally, gets revealed! No spoilers below, but make the jump to the how’s and why’s of it all!

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#SDCC Trailer Time – Stranger Things, Thor, Justice League, Defenders, and More


There was a lot happening at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con… the Hulk speaks, Steppenwolf revealed, young Harry Mudd, new X-Men, and Will Smith in Bright… and here’s a round-up of some of the more exciting trailers and teasers released this weekend, starting with the most anticipated of all, Stranger Things 2, right after the jump…

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imageEarlier this month, in anticipation of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Biff Bam Pop! contributors and comic book enthusiasts Glenn Walker, Justin Mohareb and JP Fallavollita each listed the Top 3 Easter Eggs that they wanted to see in the film.

You can find that particular post right here, but today, after viewing the movie on opening weekend, these three DC Comics aficionados are going to revisit the secret nods to comic book lore they were hoping to find:

Justin, with his secret (or not-so-secret) love of: Darkseid, the Multiverse, crazy comic book Geography and, of course, cinema whimsy.

Glenn, with his all-consuming desire for: Atlantis, Amazonian magic and bona fide heroics.

JP, with his obscure and obtuse needs for: Green Lantern Corps, Brainiac and (an unhealthy) and meaningful Suicide Squad tie-in.

Did they get what they wanted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Only the jump knows for sure!

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Batman v SupermanWith the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film only ten days away from release, we here at Biff Bam Pop! thought it was high time to ask some of our most interested (and often affected) DC Universe enthusiasts what they might want to see as Easter Eggs in the film.

You know. Easter Eggs: those hidden gems of story or nods to characters, situations, etc., from the winding canon of comic book history that only the most hard-core of hard-core fans would ever recognize – and probably appreciate.

We know that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film will be the hoped-for inciting point for everything that will come afterwards in the DC Cinematic Universe. Can the filmmakers make links to what comes next in an altogether intuitive, interesting and non-obtrusive way?

Here, then, are 9 Eater Eggs that three Biff Bam Pop writers want to see in the blockbuster film. Give them a read, and then tell us what yours might be, fan-boy and fan-girl!

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DKTMR 2 coverWith all the action surrounding the holiday season, you can forgive me for not actually reading last week’s release of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 until last night. Yes, I was anxious to read it. I loved the first issue – our review of which you can find here. I just wasn’t able to get to it sooner. Chalk it up to life’s obligations.

Which is a fitting obligation, I suppose, as that is also Batman’s pre-eminent responsibility: fighting crime. Until his bitter end.

Which, we’re told in last month’s issue, already happened.

Bruce Wayne is dead. Carrie Kelly is now wearing the cowl and cape. Superman and Wonder Woman have a super-powered (and willful) teenage daughter. And there’s a rising threat.

Follow me after the jump for a brief review of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 and to discover some answer to last month’s oft-asked questions!

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DKIII coverLet’s start with the most important question this week: was it any good?

If you didn’t already know – and really, we all already knew – Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 was released yesterday, the first issue of an eight-part series from DC Comics starring their most marketable character, Batman. It was, of course, our pick of the week yesterday.

For good or for bad, acclaimed comic book creator Frank Miller was commissioned to return to The Dark Knight Returns character and the story line that helped define a whole generation (or two) of comic book publishing nearly thirty years ago: grim, gritty, realism, that was an abject departure from the majority of 1960’s and 1970’s comic book storytelling that featured heroic science fiction and flights of fantasy by colourful costumed characters.

There is much riding on the new series including the reputation of the creators involved, the glowing legacy of the original series, and the under-scrutiny leadership of the publishing company that green-lit the project.

So, was it worthwhile? Was the first issue any good?

The answer to that question is yes. Yes, it was. And in many ways, it was very good. Here’s why:

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If I Did It – Man of Steel


Here at Biff Bam Pop!, we can be pretty critical of the movies, television, and comics we love. I know I’m guilty of it. It’s easy to criticize, but the question is – could I do it better? Now we present the first in a new series, If I Did It, the brainstorm of editor-in-chief Andy Burns, where contributors tell how they would do things differently in work they disliked.

Meet me after the jump for my first If I Did It… a film about which I have had a lot to say in the past, and not a lot of it good… Man of Steel!

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February Faves: Glenn Walker’s Favorite Reboots


For the month of February, we’ll be doing something special here at Biff Bam Pop! Each week our writers and correspondents will be compiling lists of their favorite things. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite reboots. A reboot is when creators take what has come before, and trash it in favor of a whole new continuity. It’s pushing the restart button, it’s erasing the blackboard, it’s the ultimate do-over, and unfortunately, it happens a lot in pop culture. Meet me after the jump for my favorite reboots.

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Saturday At The Movies: Man of Steel (2013)

You couldn’t escape it the past month, could you? Like gravity, you couldn’t help but allow it to influence your life, be it in newspaper reviews, bus shelter advertisements, television commercials, internet appraisals, packaged toys on a Walmart shelf, or the ubiquitous movie theatre posters.

Man of Steel, the movie, was everywhere. And everyone had an opinion on it.

For some, it might have been enough promotion to drive them off-planet. Others soaked it up like bright rays of light from our yellow sun. And, like the promotion, the movie itself polarized an audience into two distinct camps: those that really enjoyed it and those that downright hated it.

One common thread that both parties shared, however, was that, surprisingly, neither really asked to see it.

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Openings And Opening Themes: From Adventures of Superman To Man Of Steel

Happy 75th birthday, Superman! You don’t look a day over…well, how old is Henry Cavill, anyway?

That’s right. We’ll use Henry as our benchmark as he’s the most recent actor to portray the world’s most recognizable superhero in the sure-to-be-a-blockbuster film, Man of Steel, opening in wide release this coming Friday. That means, as of today, only three more sleeps to go. And just so you know, Henry is thirty. So says Wikipedia.

Man of Steel SymbolWith every new mass media incarnation of Superman, be it film or television, one can’t help but reflect on what’s come before – both in terms of visuals and in their corresponding auditory illuminations. Opening scenes of films and opening themes of music for those same films, I think, not only showcase the times in which those pieces of art were produced, but they’re also representational of what you’re likely to experience over the coming two hours of cinema viewing.

Walk with me, then, through the first few moments of the characters broadcast origin and through two previous Superman films – comparing the differences and similarities of works of cinematic art separated by over five decades of human history. We’ll take a short respite in the realm of television, and then continue on our journey, making our way to the opening scene and musical theme of the brand new Man of Steel film.

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