imageEarlier this month, in anticipation of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Biff Bam Pop! contributors and comic book enthusiasts Glenn Walker, Justin Mohareb and JP Fallavollita each listed the Top 3 Easter Eggs that they wanted to see in the film.

You can find that particular post right here, but today, after viewing the movie on opening weekend, these three DC Comics aficionados are going to revisit the secret nods to comic book lore they were hoping to find:

Justin, with his secret (or not-so-secret) love of: Darkseid, the Multiverse, crazy comic book Geography and, of course, cinema whimsy.

Glenn, with his all-consuming desire for: Atlantis, Amazonian magic and bona fide heroics.

JP, with his obscure and obtuse needs for: Green Lantern Corps, Brainiac and (an unhealthy) and meaningful Suicide Squad tie-in.

Did they get what they wanted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Only the jump knows for sure!

Justin Mohareb’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Well, I guess I win?

Of my three wish items (Darkseid, Messed-Up Geography, Multiverse) I got two of them, which comes out okay for me.

BvS Batman and Omega symbolDarkseid and Apokolips

We got evidence of an Apocalyptian invasion during Batman’s oracular slumbers (and someone tell me when he got THAT power?), but it wasn’t as cool as seeing a time lost Flash trying to warn him about Lois. I liked the sudden appearance of Parademons and the giant omega symbol carved into the countryside.

The Messed-Up Geography:

Messed up Geography came up at the beginning, with a generic African nation, and later on with a strange faux mid-Eastern country. I’m surprised they actually used Mexico for the Day of the Dead sequence.

The Multiverse (And Bonus Whimsy):

There was no indication of a greater multiverse, and there was little to no evidence of whimsy, but I still think that works.


Glenn Walker’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Of the Easter eggs I wanted to see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I think I really only got maybe a fraction of what I hoped for. I really disliked this movie a lot. Let’s get that out of the way first, and I hate Zack Snyder for making me wish they weren’t making a Justice League movie.

I wanted to see Atlantis, and while I did get fifteen seconds of Aquaman on the big screen, there was no Atlantis. Jason Momoa didn’t look much like the Aquaman I wanted, but damn, he looked good, and it was still good to see Aquaman up there.

I wanted to see heroics. What I got was two murder machines with no respect for human life and a penchant for property damage pummelling each other like bullies on a first grade playground. Disgusting.

Wonder Woman however was heroic, as a matter of fact, drab brown costume withstanding, she was the best thing in the movie. Even composer Hans Zimmer knew this as her theme is the only one that doesn’t sound like a funeral dirge, it’s exciting, vibrant, and triumphant.

batman v superman wonder womanAmazonian Magic
I had wanted to see the magic of Wonder Woman, and while there wasn’t much, it was still there. She was smart, sexy, and ageless, and not only was she using her golden lasso and the sword with the monomolecular blade, she also called herself Diana Prince. I was pleased.

And let’s be very clear about one thing – here’s your spoiler warning, skip over it if you haven’t seen the flick yet – but before Superman makes his ultimate sacrifice, Wonder Woman was kicking Doomsday’s ass. She was winning. The monster was ensnared in her lasso and she’d already taken one of his hands. She had this. If Superman had only been paying attention, like he should have done in the Capitol, he would known that Wonder Woman was about to finish the creature off. Superman didn’t have to die.

Perhaps he should have been saving the people in the crashing buildings…at least that’s what the real Superman would have done…


JP Fallavollita’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Green Lantern Corps

Nope. Nothing here. It looks like Warner Brothers still doesn’t want to touch anything that has to do with Green Lantern, as they are in such fear of that particular franchise at the moment. Ah, who could blame them? Green Lantern (2011) starring Ryan Reynolds had so much promise – and yet it failed so miserably. I suppose the WB is letting this particular corpse get as cold as cold can be in space. That said, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did have a nod to Kryptonian knowledge of thousands of worlds and their inhabitants. You just know that those worlds need policing.

And you just know that an official mention of the Green Lantern Corps is not far away.


Nope. Nothing here. Nothing on Brainiac. And that’s a real shame.

Besides Lex Luthor, Brainiac is Superman’s number one nemesis and you’d think that Warner Brothers would seed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with some semblance of the sentient machine’s thirst for knowledge. Its part and parcel with Superman lore…are they not going to tease a sequel to Man of Steel (2013)? As of this writing, WB has got every other Superhero film seemingly lined up – including one for Cyborg! But nothing on a second Superman film. Weird. Still, BvS again used Kryptonian machine technology for the creation of Doomsday. And General Zod was named as a citizen of Kandor, the city that Brainiac famously shrunk and bottled as a display-case collectible in the comic books. Brainiac’s arrival must surely be imminent!

Krypto and AceA Meaningful Suicide Squad Tie-In

Well, we didn’t get anything regarding a Suicide Squad tie-in either, but maybe that’s not such a big miss. BvS had so many Eater Eggs and nods to potential future storylines for viewers to chew on that they actually took away from the film’s plot. Looking back, with all things being equal, I guess I had a better shot scouring film footage for Eater Eggs of Krypto and Ace the Bat Hound.

All eyes now are on the August release of Suicide Squad. How will the larger DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) plot threads weave their way through that particular film? What Easter Eggs (or toys) might you be looking for?


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