Batman v SupermanWith the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film only ten days away from release, we here at Biff Bam Pop! thought it was high time to ask some of our most interested (and often affected) DC Universe enthusiasts what they might want to see as Easter Eggs in the film.

You know. Easter Eggs: those hidden gems of story or nods to characters, situations, etc., from the winding canon of comic book history that only the most hard-core of hard-core fans would ever recognize – and probably appreciate.

We know that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film will be the hoped-for inciting point for everything that will come afterwards in the DC Cinematic Universe. Can the filmmakers make links to what comes next in an altogether intuitive, interesting and non-obtrusive way?

Here, then, are 9 Eater Eggs that three Biff Bam Pop writers want to see in the blockbuster film. Give them a read, and then tell us what yours might be, fan-boy and fan-girl!

Justin Mohareb’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

DarkseidDarkseid and Apokolips

These Jack Kirby creations make some of the best enemies for Superman and his JL companions. If the Dynamic Competition is gonna catch up to the MCU they need to let us know there’s dangers afoot in the galaxy. And maybe some New Genesis and a glimpse of Highfather or Metron.

The Multiverse

DC has made parallel Earths one of the core parts of its mythologies. Although they’d be terribly messy to mix into the DCCU, some kind of acknowledgement that these exist would be sweet.

The Messed-Up Geography

In the JLA/Avengers crossover (and if someone can help me get a copy of the compilation I’d really appreciate it) writer Kurt Busiek noted that the DCU Earth is actually larger than the Marvel Universe’s Earth-616 because it has to accommodate all the extra countries. I’d like to hear about Bialya, Quarac, and even some of the non-racist countries.

Bonus: Some Whimsy 

God, please let there be some kind of lightness in this. Even the Suicide Squad film looks to have some kind of joviality in it, but would it kill them to have Superman smile? Once?


Glenn Walker’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:


Yeah, we’re going to get Jason Momoa as a savage and bad ass looking Aquaman, and being an Aquaman fan, I am thrilled by the character’s first live action foray onto the big screen. I look forward to seeing him in action and interacting with the Big Three – Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – as well as the rest of the Justice League rumored to appear together at some point toward the end of the film. Aquaman will certainly be looking for some answers as to the Kryptonians attack on the Indian Ocean, part of his domain, in Man of Steel, so there’s also that. But I’d really like to see is a peek at Atlantis, just a few shots of the majestic undersea city would rock, and if Mera’s also there, bonus!

bvs2Amazonian Magic

Speaking of Wonder Woman, one of my all-time favorite characters, I’m just as thrilled by her silver screen debut as well. However, all too often in recent years she’s been portrayed, and badly I might add, as simply a hot babe who hits stuff. That’s not what the character is about. I want her strong, and hot, yes, but I also want all the magic that makes Princess Diana Wonder Woman. I want the invisible jet, the golden lasso, the tiara and bracelets, hell, I even want the mental radio and purple ray. Yeah, I’m hardcore. Most of all I want her soul. Wonder Woman doesn’t just hit things and people to win; she changes minds. Like the song says, she can stop a war with love.


Okay, this one isn’t really an Easter egg, but it is something I want badly from this movie, this film that will elevate the Justice League to cinematic star status. I want heroics, not just superheroics, but real heroics. Man of Steel hurt me to my heart at its end. What Superman did to stop General Zod was wrong. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the real Superman would have found a way not to do that. That’s what makes him Superman. I want Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest to be heroes, to inspire, to reflect what is good and right. I want my superheroes back. No more grim and gritty, and no more shades of gray, I want superheroes.


JP Fallavollita’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Green Lantern CorpsGreen Lantern Corps

It’s never to early to make amends, Warner Brothers, The original Green Lantern (2011) film starring everyone’s favourite ‘merc with a mouth, Ryan Reynolds, was an abject failure at launch. Still, the character is part and parcel with Justice League as well as a burgeoning interplanetary universe. If Warner Brothers want a cosmic-level threat akin to Marvel’s Thanos and the Infinity Stones, and if they want a hit a genre busting hit like Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s no better way than to make an intergalactic buddy-cop drama starring Hal Jordan and John Stewart as reps for the Green Lantern Corps. Now’s the time to seed that idea. With Man of Steel, earth has opened its mind (and skies) to alien races. Its time that we superhero filmgoers got a glimpse of the alien races brought together to police the galaxy! Let’s do it, and let’s do it right!


Strangely, with all the hoopla surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the future Justice League movies, there’s been little talk about making another Superman film. You’d think that there’d be something hidden away in Dawn of Justice that could tease the potential plots of future big-screen Superman appearances. Sure, we’ve got Lex Luthor, but there are more villains out there in the bald-headed real estate mogul. With twenty-first advancement in special effects, Brainiac would be make an amazing adversary! The sentient android collector from the planet Colu would not only open the DC Cinematic Universe to other worlds, but he’d be a formidable threat to the Man of Steel. Perhaps writers could include a nod to the bottled city of Kandor, Krypton’s capital city – paving the way for a new Krypton in a third Superman or Justice League film as originally read within the pages of Action Comics in 2008? What a great storyline that was!

Suicide SquadA Meaningful Suicide Squad Tie-In

I’m betting that the Suicide Squad film, released later this year, actually takes place before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And if that holds, I want to see a tie-in throughout the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe: from Man of Steel to Suicide Squad to Dawn of Justice to whatever happens next. Despite setting the stage for the future Justice League movie, you know that the governments of the DCCU must get their act in gear. Aliens exist. Super-powered heroes and villains operate in our world. And that means that humanity must be ready: hence the reason for the Suicide Squad. But that also means a distinct Batman tie-in with the Joker and Harley Quinn – and the death of Robin, already alluded to in Dawn of Justice. Let this film fan the simmering flames of the upcoming Suicide Squad film. If that film succeeds at the box office, maybe we’ll get more nods (or possible films) that include more human enterprises such as: Checkmate, King Faraday’s I Spy and The Question! If fan-boys and fan-girls are going to dream, let them all dream big!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theatres on March 25, 2016.

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