Go Nuts With ‘Batman ’89: Echoes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Return to Tim Burton’s iconic Batman film universe in a brand-new tale with brand new takes on favourite villains!

31 Days Of Horror: The Most Terrifying Comic Book Covers Ever Published – Part 2

Follow us through part two of our deep dive into some of the most horrific art ever to see the light of a comic book cover!

Speed Your Way To ‘The Flash #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The heroic Scarlet Speedster races into an exciting new direction, still harkening all of the sci-fi story elements that The Flash comic books have always enjoyed!

Dig Deep Into The History Of ‘Gotham City Year One H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

Excavate the storied history of the awe-inspiring – and completely notorious – Gotham City!

Get To Know The ‘The Phantom Stranger Omnibus’ On The Wednesday Run

One of the most enigmatic heroes of the DC Comics pantheon of strange characters finally gets the compilation omnibus treatment!

Witness The Monstrous End Of Humanity In ‘Swamp Thing: Green Hell H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

There’s only one creature that can save the last remnants of humankind from a terrible monster!

Read & Live The Fiction Of ‘The Unwritten Compendium Vol. 1’ On The Wednesday Run

The beloved series about fame and fantasy, fathers and sons, and the relationships we have with what we read gets collected in the first of two giant compendiums.

Experience A Wonderful Piece of History In ‘Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

One of the most beautiful and fascinating explorations of the birth and early years of the Amazonian race gets fabulously collected into a long-awaited hardcover book.

Take The Tour With ‘City Boy #1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC Comics rolls out their latest We Are Legends, Dawn Of DC series of new characters with diverse backgrounds – this one taking readers on a tour of the greatest cities in the DC Universe!

Stand Guard With The Worldly ‘The Vigil #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Did you think all superheroes and superhero teams originated and operated in North America? Think again! Time to go globetrotting with a new superhero team!

Wake Up To The Superhero Noir Of ‘The Sandman Mystery Theatre Compendium 1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC Comics looks to capitalize on the excitement surrounding recent Sandman properties with a reissue of a beloved and critically acclaimed 90’s noir series!

Feast Your Eyes On & Warm Your Comic Book Soul With ‘Legends Of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino HC’ On The Wednesday Run

A legend of the comic book industry gets the royal treatment with a new hardcover compilation that spans an illustrious career, showcasing the breadcrumbs that made comic books – and the industry – what they are today.