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Aw Yeah It’s “Super Powers #1” On The Wednesday Run

super-powers-1Won’t someone think of the children?

The comic book medium is able to tell all kinds of stories, but often of late, the stories meant for kids has become something of an afterthought. That’s not to say that there aren’t great kids comics being published – there are. That’s just to say that the reading age of those that are actively interested in comic books has risen over the last three decades…and comic book companies have catered to that older demographic in their publications.

It’s great to see that, especially as we approach the holidays – a time of wonderment and excitement for children (and their parents) – that DC Comics has decided it’s apt time to publish something pretty wonderful for kids (and their parents).

Today sees the release of the super-awesome Super Powers #1!

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The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Of Movies: Where To Now?

JusticeLeagueSo Deadpool was apparently a big learning experience for all the companies building their own Cinematic Universes. Apparently the main lesson they learned was that an R-Rated genre film could, in fact, succeed at the box office. So yay for that! I look forward to a Restricted Transformers film being released and I not having to attend it.

But that’s not the main lesson that should be learned from Deadpool’s success.

There are actually two lessons that people should take away from it, located after this cut.

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Batman v SupermanWith the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film only ten days away from release, we here at Biff Bam Pop! thought it was high time to ask some of our most interested (and often affected) DC Universe enthusiasts what they might want to see as Easter Eggs in the film.

You know. Easter Eggs: those hidden gems of story or nods to characters, situations, etc., from the winding canon of comic book history that only the most hard-core of hard-core fans would ever recognize – and probably appreciate.

We know that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film will be the hoped-for inciting point for everything that will come afterwards in the DC Cinematic Universe. Can the filmmakers make links to what comes next in an altogether intuitive, interesting and non-obtrusive way?

Here, then, are 9 Eater Eggs that three Biff Bam Pop writers want to see in the blockbuster film. Give them a read, and then tell us what yours might be, fan-boy and fan-girl!

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31 Days of Horror 2015 – The Justice League Vs. the Cosmic Vampire


Back in the autumn of 1971, comic book writer Mike Friedrich had been chronicling the adventures of the Justice League of America for almost two years, and it had occurred to him that he hadn’t created a major lasting opponent for the team. He decided to go all out, and not only manifest their most dangerous and powerful villain, but a true horror as well. In Friedrich’s grand finale of his time on the JLoA, he created the emotional parasite, Starbreaker. Meet me after the jump as I discuss the Justice League Vs. the Cosmic Vampire!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: STILL MORE BIG Hardcover Comic Book Collections

Jack Kirby AEA few days ago, we posted the first part of our 2014 Gift Guide’s “BIG Hardcover Comic Book Collection” which you can find by either scrolling down the Biff Bam Pop! main page or by clicking here.

Those were some big books that require some degree of heavy lifting. But they’re not the only ones that would make fantastic gifts this year!

Follow me after the jump and I’ll detail a few more awesome tomes released earlier this year that any comic book, comic book historian or comic book art lover – would absolutely love to have their hands on!

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Saturday At The Movies – Justice League: War


Here we go again, it’s the secret origin of the Justice League, yes, again. This time, it’s an animated version of the most recent version, the New 52 version by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. But where’s Aquaman? And what’s wrong with Captain Marvel, ahem, I mean Shazam? Check out my thoughts on Justice League: War after the jump.

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Saturday At The Movies: JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time


Remember “Challenge of the Superfriends” from Saturday mornings in the 1970s? You had the Justice League of America in pitched battle with the Legion of Doom on a weekly basis, and good always triumphed over evil? Now, so far available only at Target, we can return to those days of old as DC Animation brings the Superfriends and the Legion of Doom into the present day with JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. Check out my review after the jump.

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Lightning Strikes With Shazam! On The Wednesday Run–September 25, 2013

Justice League is undoubtedly the flagship comic book title for DC Comics.

Sure, there’s the big guns of the monthly Batman and Action Comics – and, I suppose, the publishing company’s namesake title, Detective Comics, but in the post New 52 world (two years on and still ticking away), Justice League is where all the company-spanning, world-shattering storylines originate from.

The long awaited “Trinity War” tale just wrapped up last month, which directly lead into the current Forever Evil storyline, mini-series, and September’s plethora of under-allocated 3-D covers. Did you get yours, by the way?

Still, amongst all the large headlines and senses-shattering cover page verbiage, simply running as a back-up feature in the pages of the monthly Justice League, it was the story of Shazam! that was the real draw for the flagship title.

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History Gets Reversed With The Flash #22 On The Wednesday Run–July 24, 2013

DC Comics has been making this column quite a bit the last few weeks. That’s not to say that other publishers haven’t been putting out great books – it’s just that DC has been regularly releasing fascinating comics of late.

And that’s the purpose of this column: to highlight that one book that, for a myriad of reasons, seems more fascinating than all others released on a particular Wednesday.

Today is no different. And DC Comics tops the list again. Why?

Because today, an old villain comes back for the first time!

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Double Down On #0’s With Justice League And Sword Of Sorcery On The Wednesday Run – September 19, 2012

The months of August and September of 2011 were two months that, in terms of comic book sales, were owned by DC Comics. With the launch of the company’s “New 52” initiative, many new and/or lapsed comic book readers were enticed to pick up and read the art form again. Even more importantly, many of those readers seemed to have stuck around over the last eleven months.

Some have gone on to say that DC actually saved the floundering comic book industry. I’m not so evangelical in my beliefs, but DC did do good, by and for, a great many people over the last year.

This month, they’re attempting to re-fire what they started in 2011 by publishing a line-wide #0 issue for every title. This particular issue will be a sort of “origin” tale for a superhero or superhero team – a great jumping on point for even more new readers. The issue will also plant seeds for pivotal 2013 storylines. Two such issues stand out this week.

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