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Saturday At The Movies: Birdman (2014)

birdmanposter1If you don’t know much about Hollywood and acting, this is the movie to go see. It will give you a glimpse into what goes on when you start on any type of commercial or artistic venture.

Birdman stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts and relative unknown, Andrea Riseborough. All are excellent. All “act” in this movie. All have deep passions that are portrayed on screen. All have subtle and effecting moments. More arresting than the performances, however, is the commentary on the nature of film, theater, art and commercialism.

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Goood Evening? Emily McGuiness Reviews Hitchcock

Christmas is in the air and it’s time once again for the studios to throw whatever they have at us in hopes we’ll make it to the theater. It was with great enthusiasm that I sat down to watch Hitchcock, the film about that director we all know and love in what had to be the coldest theater on the planet. It’s winter in LA – stop it with the God-*@//&#$ air conditioning! I’m not sure what I thought I was going to get out of this film – maybe some sordid details about Hitchcock’s supposed affairs with his leading ladies, or a window on a tortured genius – but the film certainly wasn’t that.

Check out the trailer and find out what it was after the jump!

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Saturday At The Movies – Donovan’s Echo

Some movies just sneak up on you. You have no expectations and they just wind up holding you through its run time and then stick with you long after they’ve finished. That was definitely the case for both the Queen and I with Donovan’s Echo, starring Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood.

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TIFF 2012 – Rob Zombie Unleashes The Lords of Salem

Is there a better director working in the “horror” genre than Rob Zombie?

After watching his fifth film, The Lords of Salem, the answer is without question, no.

In this story of returning witches looking to gain revenge on the citizens of Salem, Mass, Zombie creates a visceral, horrific, stomach churning and thoughtful piece of genre moviemaking that not only builds on the promise of his earlier films, but exceeds any and all expectations I had.

Find out why after the jump!

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TIFF 2012 – Farrell, Rockwell, Walken & Harrelson Shine In Seven Psychopaths

Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival was a good one for yours truly, as I made the first of two trips to Midnight Madness for a screening of Seven Psychopaths, from writer/director Martin McDonagh and staring Colin Farell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken. If you like your movies crazy, funny and full of some stellar violence, this one is definitely for you.

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The Possession Scares Up A Second Week At The Top – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up

As predicted, it was a slow and uneventful weekend at the box office, the lowest grossing one in years, which translates into a short rundown of how things went down.

For the second weekend in a row, The Possession took the top spot, though it could only muster up $9.5 million, not that it really matters. The film has already gross $33.3 million in two weeks, not a bad showing at all for a low-budget flick.

Lawless came in second place with $6 million, while the one major new release of the weekend, Bradley Cooper’s The Words, flopped in third with an abysmal $5 million opening. The Expendables 2 landed in fourth with $4.7 million, while The Bourne Legacy grossed the $100 million mark this weekend, closing out the top five with $4 million for a total North American gross of $103 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) The Possession – $10 million
2) The Words – $7 million
3) Lawless – $5 million
4) The Expendables 2 – $4.5 million
5) The Bourne Legacy – $4 million

And here’s how the weekend turned out:

1) The Possession – $9 million
2) Lawless – $6 million
3) The Words – $5 million
4) The Expendables 2 – $4.7 million
5) The Bourne Legacy – $4 million

Next week Finding Nemo 3D and the next instalment in the Resident Evil film franchise attempt to wake up the box office. Check back on Friday to see our predictions!

Exclusive Album Review – Bob Dylan`s Tempest Takes Us On A Dark Journey

Bob Dylan has spent the last decade-and-a-half criss-crossing the world on his ‘never-ending tour’ while releasing four critically-acclaimed albums and one head-scratching holiday record. Next week Dylan releases Tempest, his remarkable 35th studio album and a bold if not brooding statement from a man in his 70’s.

iTunes has been streaming the album all week which has led to tremendous online buzz as well as pronouncements of ‘Dylan’s return to greatness’ and ‘best album since…’ declarations.  I won’t pretend to be a Dylan historian or attempt to rank this album within his incredible cannon of work.  Instead, let’s just take his latest offering for what it is…an amazing record.

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Back To School – Saturday At The Movies: Three O’Clock High

“You and me, we’re gonna have a fight. Today. After school. Three o’clock. In the parking lot. You try and run, I’m gonna track you down. You go to a teacher, it’s only gonna get worse. You sneak home, I’m gonna be under your bed.” Buddy Revell

That’s a hell of a way to start the first the first day of a new year in high school. But that’s the way timid student, Jerry Mitchell, begins his morning.

Does anyone out there remember the 1987 film, Three O’Clock High, starring Casey Siemaszko in the role of lovable goodie, Jerry Mitchell, in an unyielding and threatening predicament? It’s a bit of a cult classic movie now, one that’s full of great performances by a plethora of actors that would become famous for other roles later in their careers. Three O’Clock High has a loyal following of fans – and is a perfect film to watch on a Saturday in this back-to-school season.

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TIFF 2012: Jason Reitman, Bryan Cranston And Others Read American Beauty

Last night my Toronto International Film Festival experience kicked off with something a little out of the norm for me – attending an actual TIFF event. Though the fest is a huge happening in T.O., the last few years I’ve tended to shy away from it. Crowds and line-ups just aren’t my things anymore. However, it turns out I couldn’t ignore a few unique events – next week’s premiere of Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, and the first ever Toronto showcase of director Jason Reitman’s live table reads of classic film scripts, which took place last night.

The cast of Jason Reitman’s American Beauty, live At Ryerson Theatre for TIFF 2012

The idea behind Reitman’s reads, which have been done in Los Angeles and New York, is simple – a group of actors gather for the first time to read through a script. Reitman handles scene changes and descriptions, the actors do the rest. In the case of the TIFF event from last night at Ryerson Theatre, Reitman chose a film that had debut at the film festival some thirteen years earlier – American Beauty.

Find out how the reading turned out after the jump.

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Fall TV Schedule 2012 – Finale’s, Premieres, Trailers And More!

It’s finally here folks! Biff Bam Pop’s full Fall TV Schedule.

There is only one good thing about summer ending and that is the Fall TV Schedule. I hope none of you made any plans for September and October, because your evenings are going to be full. Not only with the return of your TV favourites, but there are also some very strong series debuting this Fall that you may need to add to your line up. So get your remotes and your PVRs ready!

Below is a full list of all the premieres, finales and specials happening in September and October. Anything in bold is a new show and you can click the links to view the trailers. I have also added notes beside each new series that I will be watching and would recommend you do as well. I have also created a downloadable calendar for each month that you can print out and post on your fridge to make things easier.

September 2012

September 2012

October 2012

If you see any errors or omissions on the calendar or list below, please let us know in the comments.

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