The Top Ten Things I Still Want to See on The Flash


We’ve been given a gift as far as superhero television goes in The Flash. Not only have we’ve gotten a terrific, accessible, and entertaining TV series about superheroes, they have also gone above and beyond when it comes to presenting hardcore comic book mythos on the small screen. After all, who would have ever thought we’d ever get the DC Multiverse on prime time TV? We have the Invasion, Gorilla City, and more crossovers and team-ups coming, but what else could we get? Meet me after the super speed jump and I’ll give you my top ten things I want to see on The Flash!

10. Chillblaine

One thing that we all want is the proper return of Captain Cold, and yes, I know he’ll be back with the upcoming Legion of Doom storyline in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and also possibly crossing over into the other shows. But until then, this would be the perfect time for Chillblaine, or Chillblaines. In the comics, when Cold’s twisted sister the Golden Glider needed a partner or a dispoable boyfriend, she would outfit him as Chillblaine and give him a copy of her brother’s cold gun. When they lost her interest or got in the way, she killed them and got a new one. Yeah, she’s that nuts.


9. John Constantine

We all want it, the CW knows we want it, and Matt Ryan loves the role, so what is the hold up for a new Constantine TV series on the CW? The Flash and Green Arrow, not to mention the Legends, and maybe even Supergirl, need a magical go-to, and John Constantine is our man. And those of us who actually saw the show a couple years back know how good it really was. What else do you have on Friday nights, CW? Let’s do it!

8. Green Lantern

We all remember the hints we’ve seen in the Arrowverse about that missing Ferris Aircraft test pilot in Coast City. We all know it was Hal Jordan, so again what’s the hold up? The only way to wash the bad taste of the unsuccessful movie from 2011 (I didn’t think it was all that bad myself) is to try again. After Spider-Man got wrecked in its third installment with Venom, then ruined again in the second Andrew Garfield try, they got it right with Captain America: Civil War. Keep trying.


And for a television continuity that primarily includes the Flash and Green Arrow, how can you not have the Hal Jordan Green Lantern? Alternately he could be considered either Barry Allen’s or Oliver Queen’s best friend. Green Lantern and the Flash were a team in the comics long before Green Lantern and Green Arrow were even a thing, but both work, and should be given a chance to on TV.

7. Earth-Two Villains

At this point in The Flash series, we’ve seen most of the old school comic book enemies of the hero. Perhaps we should expand a bit. After all in the comics, Barry Allen has fought most of Jay Garrick‘s rogues gallery as well. And we already have a precedent from the Zoom storyline that Earth-Two is full of villains. We’ve already seen Vandal Savage and the Rival, rumors abound we may see The Shade, but what about the rest of them?


I’d like to see either the Fiddler or that updating of the character from Hawkworld. There’s also the original Star Sapphire that could fit in easily with Green Lantern should he be brought in. How about the Thinker? Or the Thorn? The James Robinson version of the Rag Doll from his Starman series that gave the Justice Society such trouble would be a perfect villain here. And speaking of Starman, if we’re not already getting the Shade, we should.

6. Savitar

I’m generally not happy about adding more speedsters to the show, about as happy as I am about more archers on Arrow, but if we were to add one, how about one of the worst of the worst speedster villains? I’m talking about Savitar from the Mark Waid era of Flash comics. This cult leader studied the Speed Force to such an extent he had gained powers no other speedster had, and wanted what the Flash had, unity with the Speed Force, and if he couldn’t have it, Savitar would destroy the world.


If the show wanted to bring other speedsters in, this would be a great opportunity to introduce characters like Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, although that might be overload. If not, there should be a moratorium on speedsters after such a storyline. Of course, that’s not saying I don’t want to see Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, but you know, overload.

5. The Future

So many stories of the Flash from the comics revolve around time travel and journeying into the future. So far, the Flash has only moved backward on the show. Wouldn’t it be cool to go forward to the Reverse-Flash’s time, or maybe Abra Kadabra‘s? Or Mazdan? And while I’m very happy with the West family as is on the show, maybe we could see the Central City of the 30th century where the Iris of the comics is from, and maybe the Tornado Twins or Impulse, after all, we have seen hints of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the DCTV multiverse.

4. The Cosmic Treadmill

What better way to go to the future than the Cosmic Treadmill? We’ve seen a machine that looks like it at S.T.A.R. Labs, but never called such. The machine would not only be good for focusing travel through time, but also through dimensions as well. It’s also classic Silver Age science, so I love it.


3. Mister Element

One of the few Silver Age Flash Rogues we have yet to see, technically we may have already seen, but time will tell. I’ve talked about Doctor Alchemy before, the current big bad of the third season, but in the comics, he’s not just a multiple personality or an evil twin, he’s also a completely different super-villain – Mister Element! Before the discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone, Al Desmond wore a clunky gas mask and used a gun that could change one element to another. I would squeee with nerdgasm if we actually caught a glimpse of this villain this season. That would rock.

2. The Elongated Man

Much like Green Lantern, the Flash was also buddies with this elastic superhero. Ralph Dibny, notable at one time as being one of the few superheroes with a public, rather than secret, identity, was the Elongated Man, and friend to Barry Allen. Later he became a Justice Leaguer, and a ghost, and I’m not sure of his status now, but believe me, this fun character and his perky wife have unnecessarily been put through hell, the less said, the better.


That said, he probably teamed with the Flash more often than Green Lantern for a time. Stories of the character’s creation vary. Some say he was created as a hero to spin off from the Flash, and other sources indicate he may have part of Carmine Infantino’s original Colors of Evil, the template for the Rogues Gallery. One thing is for sure, he might not have appeared at all had DC Comics realized they actually owned Plastic Man at the time of Elongated Man’s creation. Still, I’d love to see what CGI and today’s effects could do with Ralph.

1. Abra Kadabra

Speaking of Silver Age super-villains we haven’t seen yet and the future, there’s nobody I’d rather seen done on The Flash than Abra Kadabra. From the 64th century with science so far advanced that it seems like magic, and with a deranged need for approval, this mad scoundrel from the future could certainly add some flavor to the show. His name alone would make Cisco roll his eyes.


So that’s my list. Who or what would you like to see on The Flash? The Rogues altogether? The evil Johnny Quick from Earth-Three? More of Saints and Sinners? Blacksmith? Mopee? Let us know!

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