Around the Loop: Barbed Wire and Fireflies

Jeffery X Martin remembers Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt in this special edition of Around the Loop.

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 63: The Wrestling Show (With Extra Sachin)

Flip, flop, and fly with this week’s wrestling-based Songs in the Key of X with special guest Sachin “The Canadian Destroyer” Hingoo! #SummerOfX #KeyOfX

Around The Loop: What To Watch On Wrestlemania Weekend (besides Wrestlemania)

Wrestlemania season is upon us, and while many wrestling fans will be watching the big event, there’s lots of independent wrestling that weekend as well. Sachin Hingoo does a run-in on Around the Loop to tell you all about it!

Around The Loop: Full Gear 2022 Predictions

The big story about AEW over the last few months has been about its many setbacks. Backstage drama with its (former) top star CM Punk, a litany of injuries to … Continue reading Around The Loop: Full Gear 2022 Predictions

Around The Loop: AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Predictions

Biff Bam Pop’s resident Superkliq; Andy Burns, Jeffrey ‘X’ Martin, and Sachin Hingoo got together in the ol’ groupchat to give their predictions for @AEW Double or Nothing!