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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing The Week’s Marvels 2-23-2017


This week in Heroes and Villains our selection of new Marvel Comics includes some very precise distinctions of heroes and villains, folks who cross that line between the two. Meet me after the jump for my reviews of Captain America: Steve Rogers #12, Infamous Iron Man #5, Scarlet Witch #15, Thunderbolts #10, and Avengers #4.1… and beware, spoilers abound…

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Glenn Walker Reviews Civil War II #8


This is it, the finale of Civil War II for better or worse. The war of the superheroes over an Inhuman who can supposedly predict the future and how that knowledge should be used is finally at an end. Will the combat between Iron Man and Captain Marvel end in death? Will there be rift in the Avengers forever? Will we get a story as well as an anticlimactic event? The answers are here, with my review of Civil War II #8, after the jump.

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Biff Bam Pop’s It’s All Connected: Golden Glitter & An Underlying Darkness-The Legacy of Tony Stark In The MCU (Part 2)

Tony Stark2Part one of Biff Bam Pop’s It’s All Connected: Golden Glitter & An Underlying Darkness-The Legacy of Tony Stark In The MCU took a close look at the similarities between father and son, Howard Stark and Tony Stark, including their personalities, business interests and shared legacies. At the same time, it laid the groundwork for the younger Stark’s role as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s greatest purveyor of malice.

Tony Stark and his Stark Industries conglomerate create weapons of mass destruction. This is known.

Midway through the first Iron Man (2008) film, after being tortured and, after seeing his company’s products sold to terrorist organizations and used for evil purposes, Stark comes to a marked and important turning point in his life wherein he states: “I don’t want a body count to be our only legacy.” An altruistic statement, to be certain, by a man who’s bravado is only surpassed by his bank account. Still, it’s a significant distinction to make that, at this time, Stark truly sets out on the path to becoming heroic.

But in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything that Tony Stark creates for noble, upstanding and heroic purposes always gets twisted in ways that transform that sense of benevolence into objects of mankind’s destruction.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01 E20: Nothing Personal


Good guys, bad guys, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s who, and it’s even harder to tell that when you’re talking about the deadly world of espionage and double agents. Everyone lies for a living, no one tells the whole truth, so who can you trust? On this series we have seen more than a few turncoats and double agents, and it’s not over. Meet me after the jump for my review of the aptly titled “Nothing Personal.”

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pregame: SHIELD’s Dark Secret


Okay, heads up and spoiler warnings ahoy, if you haven’t seen Captain America The Winter Soldier, you should wait to read this article, because this is your Captain America post-game and your “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” pre-game. To put it mildly, the movie changes everything, and I am sooo not kidding. Meet me after the jump and we’ll talk about SHIELD’s dark secret…

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Avengers Assemble – They Show Up, Something Explodes

Superheroes are a ridiculous bunch, but damn it, they’re entertaining. Where else can you find a bunch of grown men and women running around in some of the most ridiculous outfits you have ever seen (most of which would cause the judge of the most outlandish and bizarre drag-show you’ve ever thought of stand up and leave the room, giggling) rescuing us mere mortals from the enslavement of some slime-beast/alien/horde/robot/equally-hilariously-dressed-supervillain-whose-only-distinguishing-features-are-a-goatee-and-differently-coloured-codpiece? But, man, the explosions.

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