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Guardians of the Galaxy S02 E01: ‘Stayin’ Alive’


As we wait for the movie sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy in just a little over a month, the second season of the animated series opens with a special two-parter guest-starring the Avengers, whetting our appetite for Infinity War when the two teams face off against Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meet me after the jump for my review of “Stayin’ Alive.”

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‘The Boss Baby’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Take On ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Will a temperamental animated baby or a new sci-fi flick be able to take down a beauty and a beast this weekend at the box office? Here’s our prediction:

boss baby

The Boss Baby is a new Dreamworks Animation film starring the voice of Alec Baldwin as a badass baby who should remind audiences of a certain POTUS, intentionally or not. Even though reviews are currently pretty poor for the film, families who have already taken in Beauty and the Beast will likely head to theatres this weekend for The Boss Baby. Look for a second place showing with $35 million.

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The Flash S03 E14: ‘Attack on Central City’


In the first half of this special Flash: Gorilla City two-parter, the showrunners gave us a taste of what Super Gorilla Grodd was like in the Silver Age of comics, but this time we see just how dangerous Grodd can be these days. We’ve seen Gorilla City, meet me after the extradimensional jump for my thoughts about “Attack on Central City.” Can The Flash survive?

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Watching the Weird: ‘Human Highway’

“The answer my friend/is breaking in the wind/the answer is sticking out your rear”

This is the poetry of Booji Boy — Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh wearing a baby mask — as he walks through a deserted, post-apocalyptic landscape. This is the beginning of Neil Young’s Human Highway.


Human Highway is legendary for its weirdness. Before it was released on DVD in 2016, the film was notoriously hard to find and only available to those lucky enough to find the laserdisc or VHS copies kicking about. Featuring Neil Young as a goofy mechanic who longs to be a rhythm and blues man and Devo as nuclear fallout cleaners, the film is packed with characters, straying storylines, musical numbers and oddness, making it natural material for this column.
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‘Tickling Giants’: Documentary Reveals Bassem Youssef’s Comedy Revolution


Remember the Arab Spring? That democratic fluorescence that erupted in late 2010 in Tunisia and spread with massive demonstrations to Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq? It was a giddy, dangerous time when a predominantly youth movement rose up against autocratic regimes steeped in conservative Islamic ideology. Through riots and violent government crackdowns, people poured into the streets pressing for change. In Egypt, Bassem Youssef was one of the unlikely people at the forefront of the massive cultural shift. A heart surgeon turned satirical TV host, Youssef was dubbed the Egyptian Jon Stewart. Tickling Giants, the documentary from Sara Taksler, follows Youssef’s meteoric rise and lamentable fall, as a funny, principled man becomes an enemy of the state. As Donald Trump demonizes the media in America, Tickling Giants is even more resonant than when it debuted at festivals last year, revealing both the power of satire and its harsh limitations.

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Trailer Time: ‘It’


We all float down here. The first official trailer for Stephen King’s It is here…and it is scary.


It arrives in theaters September 8th, 2017.

Talking About the Massive ‘King Crimson: On (and off) The Road’ Box Set

In 1991, I was a 14-year-old kid who had become obsessed with progressive rock. I (regrettably) passed on seeing Yes on their massive Union tour, telling a friend I only knew “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” but not long after they came through Toronto I became a fan. They set me on the road to exploring the sounds of bands not willing to fit any sort of straight format.

Which brought me to King Crimson. Talking about a band that never fit a format – they couldn’t fit a mold, no matter how hard someone may have tried to fit them in to one. King Crimson’s 1969 debut album, In The Court Of The Crimson King, may be the definitive artifact of early progressive rock – esoteric lyrics, long suites, complex time changes – but the band never repeated that effort. Instead, they’d change line-ups and sounds, usually in whatever way guitarist/band mastermind Robert Fripp would choose. Following 1974’s Red (power-trio KC), the band went on hiatus until 1981’s Discipline, which would feature Fripp and returning drummer Bill Bruford working alongside bassist/stick player Tony Levin and guitarist Adrian Belew in a new Crimson iteration.

Which brings us to On (and off) The Road, the glorious new King Crimson box set that captures the band in all its 1980s goodness.

King Crimson

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Your Childhood Cartoons Meets Comics In “Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1” & Others On The Wednesday Run

Never the two shall meet.

But it’s a little kid’s dream, isn’t it?

Those after school or Saturday morning cartoons – the ones that we ALL loved so much, made even more real, given a heightened sense of heroic justification, when intermingled with the heroes of the comic books we read!

I mean, we’d regularly have crossover adventures between cartoon and comic book heroes, universes, genres and pop culture mediums with the toys that we’d buy at the local store.

We were ahead of our time.

Green Lantern. Space Ghost. Suicide Squad. Banana Splits. Booster Gold. The Flintstones. Adam Strange. Jonny Quest.

Cartoons and comic books – never the two shall meet?

Not today – today we get ALL the meetings!

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True Crime Corner: Andrea Yates

(FILE PHOTO) Andrea Yates

The last edition of True Crime Corner featured a mother who killed her eight young children over a span of several years. On this installment, the year is 2001, and another crime involving five children devastated the Houston, Texas area.

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Trailer Time – Spider-Man: Homecoming


Action is your reward, as the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer drops NOW! Let us know what you think!


Spider-Man: Homecoming is out July 7th, 2017.

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