Titan Books To Publish ‘The Art And Making Of The Stand’ Written By Biff Bam Pop!’s Andy Burns

Titan Books is set to release The Art and Making of The Stand, written by Biff Bam Pop!’s Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns.

31 Days Of Horror 2020 – The Company of the Mad: The Stand Podcast Episode 4 Featuring Andy Burns

Biff Bam Pop!’s Andy Burns is a special guest for Episode 4 of the ongoing The Company of The Mad: The Stand Podcast. Listen to it here.

IT: Chapter Two

The Week In Horror: It’s Not Even Halloween And They’re Already Putting Out Christmas Trailers!

Sure, you can watch the latest trailer for Blumhouse’s remake of ‘Black Christmas,’ but Tim Murr offers a warning: you may learn more than you want to know.