Figure Friday: Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Darth Maul, LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures, Three Jokers

This week in Figure Friday, E.A. Henson looks at Darth Maul, LEGO Marvel Studio Minifigures, and the new Three Jokers run from McFarlane Toys.

No Time Like The Present For ‘Kang The Conqueror #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Already seeded in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics looks to entice curious readers with their time travelling big-bad: Kang The Conqueror!

Discover The Future of Hadley’s Hope In ‘Aliens: Aftermath #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Experience the direct sequel to 1986’s Aliens, in Marvel Comics’ next installment in the terrifying, fan-favourite, science fiction franchise!


We Can All Hear You Scream With ‘Alien #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Moviedom’s most terrifying – and beloved – xenomorph makes the trip to the House of Ideas with the first Marvel Comics publication of Alien!