Your Childhood Cartoons Meets Comics In “Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1” & Others On The Wednesday Run

Never the two shall meet.

But it’s a little kid’s dream, isn’t it?

Those after school or Saturday morning cartoons – the ones that we ALL loved so much, made even more real, given a heightened sense of heroic justification, when intermingled with the heroes of the comic books we read!

I mean, we’d regularly have crossover adventures between cartoon and comic book heroes, universes, genres and pop culture mediums with the toys that we’d buy at the local store.

We were ahead of our time.

Green Lantern. Space Ghost. Suicide Squad. Banana Splits. Booster Gold. The Flintstones. Adam Strange. Jonny Quest.

Cartoons and comic books – never the two shall meet?

Not today – today we get ALL the meetings!

Over the last year, DC Comics have been publishing updated, new and hot takes on the Warner Brothers catalogue of cartoon characters: Scooby Doo and his gang made into hipster investigators aided by twenty-first century technology (and legendary artist Jim Lee), Jonny Quest in a new monthly title where he meets up with Birdman, Space Ghost and The Impossibles!

It’s been great reading – reading for all ages, even though it brings a wide, knowing smile to those of us old enough to remember watching the cartoons of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Today, DC Comics is releasing four Annuals – special one-shots that further integrate the Hanna-Barbera carton heroes of our past with the DC Universe heroes of our present.

It’s a super fun premise. Behold the four comic books that our childhood dreams were built on:


Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1

Written By: Chris Sebela & James Tynion IV & Howard Chaykin

Illustrated By: Ariel Olivetti & Howard Chaykin

Published By: DC Comics

Here, Green Lantern and Space Ghost must battle a number of their foes. But the big tease here? Hal Jordan gets to put on the Power Bands. And Space Ghost dons the ring and becomes a GL himself!


Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Annual #1

Written By: Tony Bedard & Mark Russell

Illustrated By: Ben Caldwell & Howard Porter

Published By: DC Comics

Animal rock band meets government ops! What could go wrong? Imagine these cartoon critters on a mission to save the hap-hazard and crazy Squad! Things couldn’t possibly get zanier!




Booster Gold/Flintstones Annual #1

Written By: Mark Russell & Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner

Illustrated By: Scott Hanna & Rick Leonardi & Pier Brito

Published By: DC Comics

Everyone’s favourite twenty-fifth century time-travelling hero needs to head into the distant, prehistoric past to save his present. And only Fred Flintstone and his best friend Barney Rubble can help!




Adam Strange/Future Quest Annual #1

Written By: Jeff Parker & Marc Andreyko & Dan DiDio

Illustrated By: Steve Leiber & Phil Winslade

Published By: DC Comics

I’ve been delightfully reading the monthly Future Quest series so I’m super excited for this absolutely perfect crossover! In a story that is seemingly entrenched in ongoing DC Universe lore, Adam Strange is blasted into a different dimension – where he encounters Jonny, Hadji, Dr. Quest and Race Bannon! They’re the only ones that can help him through the dangerous trek back to his own dimension. Oh! And Bandit’s here, too! Of course!


Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up these four special cartoon/comic book annuals! They’ll put a smile on the face of any reader – young or old or in-between!

This is why we don’t want to grow up!

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