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‘Black Panther’ Breaks Out in a Big Way as it Tops the Box Office

Black Panther arrived this weekend in a huge way. Here’s what’s went down:

Massive. That’s an accurate way to describe the debut of Black Panther at the box office this weekend. The three-day estimates are in (it’s the President’s Day long weekend in the US so four days measurements will be out tomorrow), and the film looks to have brought in an incredible $192 million. For comparisons sake, the film has had a bigger opening than Avengers: Age of Ultron, which brought in $191.2M over its first three days. Should things play out as expected, look for Black Panther to bring in $227 million over its first four days. The film has captured audiences’ imaginations, and is certainly the right movie for this time.

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‘Black Panther’ Set to Strike First and Fierce at the Box Office

It’s a huge weekend for Marvel fans, movie fans, and those that have always dreamed of seeing representation on the big screen. The question isn’t whether or not Black Panther will top the box office; it’s how much money will it bring with it when it arrives there. Here’s our prediction:


Black Panther comes from director Ryan Coogler and stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther, the king of Wakanda and the character introduced in Captain America: Civil War. The film co-stars Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Andy Serkis. Reviews have been absolutely incredible for the film, and its pre-sales are larger than virtually any other Marvel movie. Anticipation for Black Panther is high, and there’s no question that it will deliver the goods. Look for a first place debut with $180 million over the three-day weekend.

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‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Debuts on Top of the Box Office

Love was in the air the weekend before Valentine’s Day, as the final instalment of the Fifty Shades trilogy arrived in theatres. Here’s what went down:


Fifty Shades Freed topped the box office this weekend, bringing in an estimated $38 million. While that’s down from Fifty Shades Darker‘s $46 million, it’s not a terrible number at all, especially in the face of atrocious reviews. The film will likely sink quickly,  though, so let us never speak of it again.

As for the rest of the top five, Peter Rabbit had an excellent second place debut, bringing in an estimated $25 million and scoring with families. The 15:17 To Paris landed in third place with a fairly unimpressive $12.6 million. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle fell to fourth place with $9.8 million, while The Great Showman closed things out in fifth place with $6.4 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Fifty Shades Freed – $40 million
2) Peter Rabbit – $25 million
3) The 15:17 To Paris – $15 million
4) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – $9 million
5) The Great Showman – $5.5 million

And here’s how the weekend is estimated to turn out:

1) Fifty Shades Freed – $38 million
2) Peter Rabbit – $25 million
3) The 15:17 To Paris – $12.6 million
4) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – $9.8 million
5) The Great Showman – $6.4 million

Next weekend sees the release of the guaranteed number one, Black Panther. Be sure to check back on Friday to see our predictions!

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ looking to whip the competition this weekend

If you’re looking for a movie to keep you tied up for a few hours this weekend, you’re in luck. But will the final installment in one of film’s most reviled franchises be able to make a killing? Here’s our prediction:

Fifty Shades Freed.jpg

Fifty Shades Freed is the third and final film in the Fifty Shades series, one that while making money, has been critically panned worldwide. That won’t necessarily matter this weekend, as this entry will likely be the film of choice for those looking for a bit of romance leading up to Valentine’s Day. Fifty Shades Freed will debut in the first spot at the box office, with $40 million, down slightly from last year’s Fifty Shades Darker‘s $46.6 million.

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‘Jumanji’ returns to the top of the box office

It was a quiet weekend at the box office, as audiences are likely getting ready for the big game. Here’s what went down:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle returned to the top spot, bringing in an estimated $11.1 million, and raising its total to an incredible $352 million. I’m sure nobody at Sony anticipated a long-dormant IP to do so well at the box office, but the power of a good family film and The Rock clearly made this happen.

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‘Winchester’ Looking to Scare Up a First-Place Debut

There’s one big new release hitting theaters this weekend, and it will be interesting to see if it can pull in an audience. Here’s our prediction:


Winchester is a new horror film about a seemingly haunted house in San Jose, California. The catch is it belongs to Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun manufacturer Sam Winchester. Helen Mirren stars as Sarah, and could conceivably bring in an adult audience that doesn’t usually hit horror films. On the flip side, teens will likely skip out on this one because of its lack of big names (unless the get confused and think this is a Supernatural spinoff), along with the Super Bowl taking place. Look for a first place debut for Winchester with a soft $11.5 million.

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‘The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ debuts on top of the box office

As predicted, the one big release this weekend managed to top the box office. Here’s what went down:

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure managed to debut in first place with $23.5 million. While off from the roughly $30 million that 2015’s The Scorch Trials arrived with, this is still a better performance than expected, especially considering the film was held back for over a year because of star Dylan O’Brian’s on-set injury.

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’The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Looks to Find the Top of the Box Office

A sequel that nobody has been waiting is the big new release this weekend. How will it perform? Here’s our prediction:

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the third and final film in the Maze Runner trilogy. The first two entries, released in 2014 and 2015 respectively, only did ‘ok’ at the box office, though both opened around the $30 million mark. However, star Dylan O’brien suffered an on-set injury while filming this third instalment, which delayed the release for nearly a year. While we’re predicting as first place showing for The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, it will likely arrive with $20 million, significantly less than either of its predecessors.

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‘Jumanji’ Remains #1, New Releases Follow at the Box Office

It was a solid weekend at the box office for new releases, with a surprise showing for one in particular. Here’s what went down:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was on top of the box office for another weekend, bringing in $20 million and raising its total to $316 million off of a $90 million. It’s become the fifth biggest film in Sony Pictures.  Read the rest of this entry

Will ‘12 Strong’ demonstrate any muscle at the box office this weekend?

This weekend’s big new release is hoping that  fans will come out to support A lynchpin of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will it happen? Here’s our prediction:

12 strong

12 Strong is the truelife story of the first soldiers to go over to Afghanistan following the events of September 11th, 2001. It features a strong cast led by Chris Hemsworth who, while charming and versatile, hasn’t had much success as a leading man outside of his role as Thor in the various Marvel movies. However, Thor: Ragnarok was the most succesful of three God of Thunder films so far, so there could be some serious audience goodwill coming Hemsworth’s way. Look for 12 Strong to debut in second place with $15 million.

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