Red Goblin

Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin collects Dan Slott’s superior final Spidey run

Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run came to an end with a fantastic storyline that recently made its way into a must-read softcover. 

Heroes & Villains: ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Flash Forward’ #1, and ‘Inferior 5’

E.A. Henson is near giddy about the Abrams’ take on ‘Spider-Man,’ the return of Wally West in ‘Flash Forward,’ and the reappearance of the Inferior Five!

Separation Anxiety

Chapman Spins Body Horror in ‘Separation Anxiety,’ Spencer Crafts a Solid Sequel to ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’

Clay McLeod Chapman brings body horror to Absolute Carnage, while Nick Spencer pens a solid sequel to Kraven’s Last Hunt

Heroes & Villains Goes to the Movies, Ventures ‘Far From Home’

Heroes & Villains braves the forces of nature to bring you a spoiler-free review of the latest MCU flick, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’


We Are Very Excited for the Brand-New Trailer for ‘Venom’

If you want to judge a movie by its trailer, then we should all be applauding at how damn entertaining this horror-esque take on Marvel’s anti-hero Venom looks. I think this is going to make up for Spider-Man 3, don’t you?