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The Flash S03 E14: ‘Attack on Central City’


In the first half of this special Flash: Gorilla City two-parter, the showrunners gave us a taste of what Super Gorilla Grodd was like in the Silver Age of comics, but this time we see just how dangerous Grodd can be these days. We’ve seen Gorilla City, meet me after the extradimensional jump for my thoughts about “Attack on Central City.” Can The Flash survive?

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The Flash S03 E09: “The Present”


The Dominion invasion is over. The heroes have gone home to their home cities and/or home dimensions. The Flash has had a brief intermission from both Savitar and Doctor Alchemy, but that’s about to change with this episode. A visit to Earth-Two to see Jay Garrick is probably the best present I can think of for the holiday break, but there’s more, good and bad on its way. Meet me after the super-speed extra-dimensional jump, for my thoughts on “The Present.”

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The Flash S03 E04: “The New Rogues”


In this episode of The Flash we’re introduced to not just one, but two Rogues from the comics – Mirror Master and the Top. Although there may be some major differences in these villains as they make their way to the small screen. Meet me after the super speed jump for my review of “The New Rogues.”

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Tales from the Longbox – Batman – Gotham by Gaslight (1989)

Every other week, Jason Shayer will highlight an issue or a run of issues pulled from the horde of comic book long boxes that occupy more room in his house than his wife can tolerate. Each of these reviews will delve into what made that issue or run significant as well as discuss the creative personalities behind the work. “Long Box” refers to the lengthy, white cardboard boxes most comics find themselves stored within – bagged, alphabetized and numerically ordered.

Batman - Gotham by Gaslight-000Batman – Gotham by Gaslight
February 1989
48 page one-shot
Writer – Brian Augustyn
Artists – Mike Mignola/P. Craig Russell

“Wrong. Dead wrong. I fooled all London. And I could fool them anywhere, even in Gotham City, if that’s where I chose to appear.
Yes, I know the name. And perhaps he’ll soon have reason to remember yours truly,

This clever preface, written by horror writer Robert Bloch who penned several Jack the Ripper tales, was the perfect introduction to Batman: Gotham by Gaslight .Gotham by Gaslight was the first Elseworlds’ story, basically DC’s take on What If? In this case, it was: What if Batman faced off against Jack the Ripper? Read the rest of this entry

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