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True Crime Corner: Gary Ridgway


He left his victims’ remains in and around the Green River in Washington State, earning him the nickname the Green River Killer. He wasn’t caught until decades after he began his rampage, and even had another well-known serial killer aid the authorities in his capture. On this edition of True Crime Corner, let’s take a look at Gary Ridgway.

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Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E23: ‘Civil War, Part One: The Fall of Attilan’


When an idea is successful, you recycle it as much as possible. Take Marvel Comics’ Civil War, the great maxi-series that pitted Iron Man against Captain America over civil rights issues. The story was a bit different but still roughly the same and just as successful with the last Captain America film of the same name. They tried again this past year with Civil War II with less than satisfactory results. Now the name Civil War comes to Avengers: Ultron Revolution. Meet me after the jump to see how it works out, with my review of “Civil War, Part One: The Fall of Attilan.”

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‘Split’ Holds On to Number One at the Box Office

Horror ruled at the box office for a second weekend in a row, but it wasn’t a new release that made it happen. Here’s what went down:


Working with strong reviews and word of mouth, M. Night Shyamalan’s Split held on to the top spot at the box office, bringing in an estimated $26 million to raise its two week total to $78 million. The film only dropped 34% week to week, which is an absolutely outstanding hold. Split has obviously touched a nerve with North American audiences.

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Civil War II: The Oath – Endings and Beginnings


There’s only one thing worse than a failed project, and that’s a failed project that sells itself out as an ad for the next project. That’s what the epilogue to the disappointing Civil War II really is. It’s just a prologue for the next big Marvel Comics crossover event – Secret Empire. What’s that old saying? Fool me once… Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Civil War II; The Oath #1… because it gets much, much worse…

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04 E11: “Wake Up!”


In the last episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team was under attack more from within than without. Radcliffe and Aida have placed a May LMD in their midst to snatch the Darkhold, and if that’s not bad enough, there’s also a mole passing info to the ex-Hydra Watchdogs. And when will the real May “Wake Up”? Find out after the jump.

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Can Resident Evil unseat Split from the top of the box office?

It could be a horrific weekend at the box office, as the final entry in a franchise takes on last week’s number one. Which will come out on top? Here’s our prediction:


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth and supposedly final entry in the Milla Jovovich-starring/Paul W. Anderson directed franchise that has consistently done well at the box office, even against usually lacklustre reviews. The promotion machine has been in full effect for this entry, and the film should do fairly well this weekend. Look for a first place showing with $21 million.

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The Flash S03 E10: “Borrowing Problems from the Future”


When last we left The Flash, Savitar had not only dropped a prophecy of doom upon Team Flash, but momentarily propelled our hero into the near future where he witnessed the death of Iris at the hands of the villain. Now time marches toward that event, can the Flash stop it from happening? Find out after the time jump in my review of “Borrowing Problems from the Future.”

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Marvel and Square Enix #Reassemble the Avengers


Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix announced today a multi-year, multi-game partnership, leading with the reveal of The Avengers project. This newly established partnership pairs the creative minds at Marvel and Square Enix for one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment.

A game based on beloved Marvel heroes, The Avengers project is being crafted by Crystal Dynamics – longtime developers of the award winning Tomb Raider series – in collaboration with lauded Deus Ex developer Eidos-Montréal.

The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come. More details on The Avengers project and other games will be announced in 2018.

Watching the Weird: Desperate Living


The best movies are the ones that surprise you.

For me that usually means movies that go so far out in left field that I’m swept up in the originality, and often the more ridiculous or implausible the plot, the better. When asked for my favourite film I tend to list Being John Malkovich, mostly because it was such an original idea and the odd things that happen throughout that film just keep coming (peak odd: John Malkovich taking the portal into his own head to find a room full of himself saying his name over and over again). I’ve felt that way about other movies — John Paiz’s Crime Wave or Robert Bierman’s Vampire’s Kiss come to mind — and I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to track down the strangest films I can.

I started this year off with a Repo Man re-watch because I wanted a little chaos, and then I kept going down the rabbit hole. So I’m going to share my journey down, here, with you. When it’s weird you want, John Waters is a pretty safe bet. So that’s where I’ll start.

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It’s A Good Day For the End Of the World In “The Kamandi Challenge #1” On The Wednesday Run

kamandi-challenge-1-coverA couple of weeks ago, friend and compatriot Glenn Walker (he of @monsura and regular contributor to all things cool on this very website), came to visit my hometown city of Toronto for Biff Bam Pop!’s Editor-in-Chief, Andy Burns’ monumental birthday celebration.

It was a wonderful affair, full of frivolity, chatter and seemingly endless shot glasses of Jägermeister (many of us are still shuddering at the taste in our mouths).

At a breakfast get together the next morning, Glenn and I stated talking about our love of comic book industry-changing creator, “King” Jack Kirby (creator of so many of your favourite comic book heroes and villains), and his 1972 post-apocalyptic protagonist, Kamandi. He reminded me of the mid-eighties DC Comics series, the DC Challenge, on which today’s Wednesday Run column comic book pick is based.


Multiple creators.

And Kamandi, the beloved Last Boy On Earth: in a brand new, limited series, full of story and art and wonder and industry legends working on the creation of the industry’s all-time Legend.

Today sees the release of the hugely-anticipated The Kamandi Challenge #1!

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