New Releases Falter as ‘Glass’ Remains #1 at the Box Office

It was relatively stable weekend at the box office, as last week’s number one held on to the top spot, while new releases made virtually no impact whatsoever.


The Week In Horror: Godzilla, Glass, Halloween, Creepshow

With San Diego Comic Con and Fantasia Film Fest having both been in full swing this past weekend, there was a lot of horror geek news making the round. Hopefully you followed our coverage of both here on Biff Bam Pop. Lots of great reviews, trailers, and new release news!

Saturday At The Movies: Grandma

This was a week of movies with the grandkids and me. With two of my grandsons, I went to see M. Night Shyamalan’s awesome film, The Visit, which I posted … Continue reading Saturday At The Movies: Grandma