Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E23: ‘Civil War, Part One: The Fall of Attilan’


When an idea is successful, you recycle it as much as possible. Take Marvel Comics’ Civil War, the great maxi-series that pitted Iron Man against Captain America over civil rights issues. The story was a bit different but still roughly the same and just as successful with the last Captain America film of the same name. They tried again this past year with Civil War II with less than satisfactory results. Now the name Civil War comes to Avengers: Ultron Revolution. Meet me after the jump to see how it works out, with my review of “Civil War, Part One: The Fall of Attilan.”

An Avengers Movie

Just so you all know, I will be reviewing these episodes as I watch, as I usually do here at Biff Bam Pop!, but please be aware all four parts of this adventure aired all at once this weekend, almost like an Avengers movie, and serving as the season three finale. It builds on everything we’ve seen so far this season – Ultron, the Inhumans, and all those ‘new’ Avengers – to create a grand finale to the Ultron Revolution season.


Some of it has been a slow build. Some of it has been annoying, as in the beating of dead horses like Ultron and the Inhumans, and some has been a waiting game, as I think we all can’t wait to see characters like Captain Marvel, the Vision, and the Black Panther again. Let’s hope this mini-movie lives up to the hype, and now on to part one of the animated Civil War.

Maximus in Vegas

As we open the episode, the Avengers have tracked the exiled Inhuman Maximus the Mad to Las Vegas where he’s currently raising hell. Maximus has got henchmen and a giant robot hydra, that immediately conjures the question of where did he get them, and was Hydra having a garage sale. He’s also set a terrigen bomb to go off that will level the city rather than change DNA.


This is an interesting Las Vegas, by the way, the Marvel Universe Las Vegas, one that includes a Stark casino, and a hotel in the shape of a Celestial. Only in the Marvel Universe! Thor throws the robot hydra into space, which as in the comics, always makes me wonder how smart that is. What if someone bad finds it? What if it hits a friendly spaceship? Nevertheless Maximus is captured.

The Inhuman Registration Act

Yeah, you read that title right. Just like the Superhuman Registration Act that sparked the Civil War in the comics, or the Sokovia Accords in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is exactly what you think it is. Right from the start, something stinks here. We learn it was Truman Marsh who sent the Avengers to Vegas after Maximus, not Black Bolt. I smell set-up.


If they are any two people who would delight in causing unrest between the humans and the Inhumans, it’s Truman Marsh and Maximus the Mad. Maybe they did raid a Hydra yard sale to make the attack in Vegas seem more than it was. An attack against the Inhumans makes Maximus happy, and controlling the powered community is Marsh’s thing – they are a perfect team.

The New Attilan

In the time since the terrigen mist was released across the Earth, the Inhuman city of Attilan has become a refuge and sanctuary for those new Inhumans to live without fear and learn about their powers. The city has become almost what Genosha was at one time for mutants. During a tour of the city, Hulk and Falcon run into Inferno, who seems happy and in control of his powers.


A word from the prisoner Maximus however, “Monster,” whispered like The Doctor saying the Prime Minster looks tired, and Inferno loses control. He burns the palace and as the escaping Maximus informs the Avengers, he will ignite the bombs placed around Attilan and bring the city down. This is a lot of planning for Maximus alone. Hmmm…

While Attilan Burns

The Hulk goes into the fire to save Inferno, while the Avengers and the Inhuman Royal Family help with the evacuation. They seemingly forget about the Hulk for a while before Widow goes in, with Iron Man in tow. It’s too hot for Widow so Tony gives her armor protection, which brings up an interesting question – are Tony’s armors one size fits all?


When the Hulk does find Inferno, he no longer burning nor out of control. As a matter of fact, he easily helps put out the fire and help people once saved. The fire bleeds on the mainland damaging the human town. We’re building an incident, for those familiar with the original superhero Civil War, we’re building a Stamford incident.


Did Maximus manipulate Inferno’s powers? This seems planned, structured, like something coordinated by more than mad Maximus or racist and vindictive Marsh – someone bigger. Let me guess now, it’s Ultron. This would validate the series season title at least, and nicely tie the season together.

Marsh shows up to arrest both Maximus and Inferno. Almost predictably, to ensure peace for his people and with the humans, Black Bolt agrees to Marsh’s demands. This is where we’re left, with the population of Attilan, Inhumans old and new, homeless, and at the mercy of Marsh’s Inhuman Registration Act. Sign it or go to prison, with Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armored guards standing over you. To be continued, obviously…


There’s not much to this episode other than set-up, so yes, the powers that be were smart to air it in a block with the other three parts. I liked that the Hulk is once again treated as an intelligent working part of the team, acknowledging that he did in fact run his own super-team in the Marvel Animated Universe, as opposed to the dumb punching machine he is sometimes portrayed as. And knowing what is probably coming, it was nice to see the Avengers working as a solid team. I liked it, for what it was, I’ll have to see more to give a more informed review.

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