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Fly High With “Hawkman Found” On The Wednesday Run

It’s the last Wednesday of 2017.

Sniff. Sniff.

Thanks for reading along with The Wednesday Run through the last three hundred and sixty-five days – well, fifty-two installments of it, anyway. Hopefully, there have been one or two comic books that we’ve featured here this year that you’ve dug as much as we have.

Good news!

2018 is just a week away, and, looking through all of the upcoming releases for the year, it looks like there’s plenty of comic books to highlight in this column and keep our fingers excitedly turning page after page!

But before we get into that, we’ve got one ore highlight to focus in on this year….and it’s like shining a light under a rock, because this particular character hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.

Good news, everybody! Hawkman’s been found in, well, Hawkman Found #1!

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THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 Brings the Original Thunder God to Marvel NOW!


This November, superstar creators Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel bring the thunder and the lightning to Marvel NOW!. Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 – the first issue in the highly anticipated new series! Once, he wielded the mighty hammer Mjolnir, but has since been deemed unworthy. Now, his desperate quest for redemption will take him to the far reaches of space, where whispers tell of a mysterious other Mjolnir – another weapon of unimaginable power.

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Marvel Sets The Stage With Their Prelude to Civil War II


We’ve all heard the hype about Marvel Comics next big event, a sequel to the acclaimed mini-series that inspired the biggest movie of the year so far, yeah, I’m talking about Marvel’s Civil War II. It began at the start of this month with a Free Comic Book Day special, and then this past week with a zero issue. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on the prelude to Civil War II.

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Biff Bam Pop’s It’s All Connected – Just a Kid from Brooklyn: Captain America, American Memories of World War II, and the MCU, Part II


Splash page from The Ultimates #1, 2002. Script by Mark Millar, art by Bryan Hitch.

Splash page from The Ultimates #1, 2002. Script by Mark Millar, art by Bryan Hitch.

In the first part of this essay, I briefly sketched the construction of American memories of World War II that began slightly before the war and continue into the 21st century. In many ways the war has become a defining part of American identity, and the dominant, triumphal memory narrative we have created about it serves to elevate American participation in the war almost to the level of the sacred, and certainly to the realm of the simple black and white, good v. evil duality that is much more comforting than any messy and contradictory reality might be. The character of Steve Rogers/Captain America is one of the more perfect cultural artifacts to illustrate this process of memory construction, and the ways in which counter-memories, which challenge the dominant narrative, inevitably influence the national mythology.

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Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E02: The Ultimates


When we last left Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they had reunited and defeated A.I.M.’s super Super-Adaptoid, only to find the evil scientist cabal had also awakened the Avengers’ deadliest foe, Ultron. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “The Ultimates,” the latest episode of “Avengers: Ultron Revolution.”

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Celebrate An Historic Number With Detective Comics #27 On The Wednesday Run–January 8, 2014

So, where were you in May, 1939? Enjoying a corn dog at the New York World’s Fair? Betting your pals that Lou Gehig’s consecutive games-played baseball steak would never, ever, ever end or be broken? Lamenting the impending dissolution of the League of Nations?

There was so much happening in and to the world during May 1939 – who can keep it all straight? Sure, probably the history books. But in terms of pop-culture significance, can any 1939 occurrence be larger than the publication of Detective Comics #27 – the first appearance of Batman?

Flash forward to 2014. Did you know that this year is the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight Detective?

Celebrate with Bat-fans everywhere! Re-live May, 1939 with the new, twenty-first century version of Detective Comics #27!

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Age of Ultron Book Ten: That’s It?

age1The worst has happened. The Avengers’ greatest enemy, Ultron, has won. The Earth is conquered, the human race decimated and enslaved, and the Avengers on the run. In a last ditch effort to stop the evil artificial intelligence, our heroes have turned to time travel for salvation.

After several trips back and forth through time, resulting in bad and worse results, a decision is made. Hank Pym is to hardwire the monster’s defeat into its programming as he builds Ultron for the first time, then make himself forget he did it – supposedly preserving the timestream, yet saving mankind. Will it work? Find out in my review of Age of Ultron Book Ten, after the jump.

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Did You Know? It’s An Age Of Ultron #10 On The Wednesday Run–June 19, 2013

Hey there! Did you know that over the last three months you’ve been living in an age of Ultron?

No, no. Don’t be embarrassed. Not many others really knew either. I mean, no one has even seen the machine-gone-sentient big bad of the Avengers. Nine bi-weekly (or so) issues and not one bolt or transistor of the villainous tin can has been seen. Nope. Not one gear or hinge or electrical wire. Just a bunch of avatar sentries floating around in some crazy parallel future, indiscriminately killing earth’s greatest heroes.

Oh, I know. You feel bad that you haven’t noticed. Well, no worries. We’ve got you covered, here at Biff Bam Pop!

After all, the last issue of the series is out today…and boy, are we in for a surprise! No, really!

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Age of Ultron: Back to the Future

age1Everything has changed in the Marvel Universe of the Age of Ultron maxi-series. In a bid to save everything, Wolverine has traveled to the past and murdered the Avenger Hank Pym before he can create the artificial intelligence known as Ultron – who in the present has conquered the planet and decimated mankind.

But we all know what happens when you mess with time, don’t we? Yep, that’s right. Biff kills your dad, marries your mom, and makes her get back-breaking breast implants. Things may have gone from bad to worse for Wolverine and his traveling companion, the Invisible Woman. Find out why, in my review of Age of Ultron Book Seven, after the jump…

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Age of Ultron: The Ghost of Avengers Future

age1The worst thing that can happen has happened to the Marvel Comics universe. Ultron, the Avengers’ most dangerous enemy, a machine monster built by one of their own, has conquered and laid waste to the planet, and decimated and enslaved mankind. The few surviving heroes of the world have escaped to the Savage Land where they have come up with a plan to save us all.

With access to Doctor Doom’s Time Platform, half of the heroes have decided to go to the future, from which Ultron has masterminded this conquest, and defeat him once and for all. However, Wolverine has different plans, he will go to the past and kill the Avenger Hank Pym, who created Ultron in the first place, before it happens. Now, enter the two Ages of Ultron, after the jump…

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