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Heroes and Villains: February 9, 2018

There are mountains of snow outside the home office here in Cobourg, Ontario, but I’m at my desk next to a stack of trades, so it must be time for Heroes and Villains!

This week I was inspired by watching season one of Young Justice (which is awesome if you’ve never watched it) with my kids to do an all-DC edition of the column focusing on the post-rebirth version of the DCU.
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Celebrate 75 Years With The Iconic WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1 On The Wednesday Run

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1Last week saw the launch of a number of new DC Comics #1 issues – all under the “Rebirth” brand. Of course, this column, like much of the pop culture world, focused on their significance, which you can read about that right here.

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting stuff.

But it’s summer, after all, and that must mean a DC Universe reboot.

We comic book fans are suckers for reboots. We may gripe about them and their yearly regularity, but we love them nonetheless. And so do comic book stores. Those “Rebirth” branded issues last week saw some pretty high sales numbers and there are many more to be released over the coming weeks.

But there’s one “Rebirth” title that I’m really excited about, really rooting for. And it’s out today – with a timely new start for its title character.

This year, the iconic and world-renowned Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th year! Follow me after the jump for the brand new Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1!

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A New Era For Comic Books And The DC Universe

JL“…a whole new era for the DC Universe…”

That’s what it’s being called, the upcoming summer changes to the comic book line that DC Comics is publishing, as well as the way they will go about creating them. And while that statement may turn out to be true, and while it’s great for comic book readers to get excited over the announcement, the truth is that readers have heard it all before.

One thing is for certain: The bold New52 initiative that DC Comics started almost four years ago, has gotten old and tired.

The only question that remains is: will the stories be any better with the upcoming comic book products?

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Epic Endings With Wonder Woman #35 On The Wednesday Run

WW35 coverFor a myriad of reasons, it’s tough to find a great Wonder Woman comic book storyline run.

You get lots of them with Batman and Superman and Flash and Legion of Superheroes and Justice League and so many other great characters and superhero team-ups. But with Wonder Woman, it’s all shoulder shrugs. There are reasons for this, but I’ll save that discussion for another time.

For me, the character’s greatest run might very well be the one under writer/artist George Perez in the late 1980’s.

And now this, more recent one, under Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang.

But all good things…all good things!

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Multiple Artists, Issues & Earths For The Multiversity #1 On The Wednesday Run

Look, the DC Universe is a complex thing.

Despite the attempts of creative and quite brilliant writers, artists and editors to simplify a readers’ understanding of the various realities, superheroes and super villains that make up the history (and our enjoyment) of the DC Comics company, it’ll just have to remain convoluted. And mysterious. And fun. Blame the Flash of Two Worlds.

Understand: no amount of reboots or re-numberings can change that.

Still, today sees the seemingly incomprehensible DC Multiverse look more beautiful, more organized and more appealing than ever before.

Join me after the jump for Multiversity #1!

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Celebrate An Historic Number With Detective Comics #27 On The Wednesday Run–January 8, 2014

So, where were you in May, 1939? Enjoying a corn dog at the New York World’s Fair? Betting your pals that Lou Gehig’s consecutive games-played baseball steak would never, ever, ever end or be broken? Lamenting the impending dissolution of the League of Nations?

There was so much happening in and to the world during May 1939 – who can keep it all straight? Sure, probably the history books. But in terms of pop-culture significance, can any 1939 occurrence be larger than the publication of Detective Comics #27 – the first appearance of Batman?

Flash forward to 2014. Did you know that this year is the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight Detective?

Celebrate with Bat-fans everywhere! Re-live May, 1939 with the new, twenty-first century version of Detective Comics #27!

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Lightning Strikes With Shazam! On The Wednesday Run–September 25, 2013

Justice League is undoubtedly the flagship comic book title for DC Comics.

Sure, there’s the big guns of the monthly Batman and Action Comics – and, I suppose, the publishing company’s namesake title, Detective Comics, but in the post New 52 world (two years on and still ticking away), Justice League is where all the company-spanning, world-shattering storylines originate from.

The long awaited “Trinity War” tale just wrapped up last month, which directly lead into the current Forever Evil storyline, mini-series, and September’s plethora of under-allocated 3-D covers. Did you get yours, by the way?

Still, amongst all the large headlines and senses-shattering cover page verbiage, simply running as a back-up feature in the pages of the monthly Justice League, it was the story of Shazam! that was the real draw for the flagship title.

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Constantine, Responsibility, War And Sin – BBP! Speaks With Acclaimed Writer Ray Fawkes (Part 2)

In August of 2011, DC Comics made comic book publishing history and ended every title they were releasing, re-launching each new and returning title with a bold “#1” printed on the front cover. Ever since that New 52 initiative, originally named for the number of books being published on a monthly basis, the company has been hinting at a major storyline with ramifications for the earth and all of its superheroes.

Within the pages of the Flashpoint mini-series that gave rise to this monumental change, a mysterious, hooded character named Pandora was instrumental in the fictional representation of the New 52. For eagle-eyes readers, she actually had a cameo in every published new first issue!

This summer, the promise of that major storyline, now nearly two years in the making, is fulfilled. Not only will Ray Fawkes’ writing in Justice League Dark be instrumental to that story, the character of Constantine will also play a pivotal role. In addition, Fawkes will also be writing the monthly adventure of the enigmatic Pandora in her own solo series, beginning this June.

You can read the first part of our conversation regarding Fawkes’ interest in the supernatural and his Constantine series here. In this short second, and final part of our discussion, he talks about the upcoming epic DC Comics Trinity War storyline and the importance of ensuring emotional connections between characters within big crossover stories. He also sheds some light on the mysterious character called Pandora.

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Double Down On #0’s With Justice League And Sword Of Sorcery On The Wednesday Run – September 19, 2012

The months of August and September of 2011 were two months that, in terms of comic book sales, were owned by DC Comics. With the launch of the company’s “New 52” initiative, many new and/or lapsed comic book readers were enticed to pick up and read the art form again. Even more importantly, many of those readers seemed to have stuck around over the last eleven months.

Some have gone on to say that DC actually saved the floundering comic book industry. I’m not so evangelical in my beliefs, but DC did do good, by and for, a great many people over the last year.

This month, they’re attempting to re-fire what they started in 2011 by publishing a line-wide #0 issue for every title. This particular issue will be a sort of “origin” tale for a superhero or superhero team – a great jumping on point for even more new readers. The issue will also plant seeds for pivotal 2013 storylines. Two such issues stand out this week.

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Superman and Wonder Woman’s Super Smooch Tops The Wednesday Run – August 29, 2012

What? What? What? They did what now?

I know this is DC’s New 52, and that the New 52 means change, but this is just…ludicrous! Look, I’m all for new stories shedding new light on old characters, but there are certain things that are sacrosanct.

When we’re talking about comic book superheroes, those things, ultimately, are: character name, general physical appearance, general costume motifs, and, of course, a love interest. When we’re talking about the most globally iconic superhero of all, well, Superman needs his Lois Lane – and Lois Lane needs her Superman! They define each other!

So what’s all this nonsense about discarding everyone’s favourite black-haired, intrepid Daily Planet reporter and reimagining Supes’ singular love interest as…the Amazonian Princess herself, Wonder Woman? Huh?

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