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Dine With ‘Hungry Ghosts #1’ on The Wednesday Run

A celebrated traveler, chef and self-proclaimed enthusiast.

A praised journalist and author.

A genre-defying and ground-breaking editor.

A host of luminously talented and beloved illustrators.

The launch of a new book publishing imprint.

Food, candles, samurai… and classic ghost stories.

That’s what’s on the menu today at local comic book shops everywhere today. It’s an event whose literary courses are sure to fill any reader’s appetite – from wonderful art to historical learning to spooky stories that keep you up at night.

Hungry Ghosts, co-written by Parts Unknown celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain and novelist Joel Rose (The Blackest Bird, Kill Kill Faster Faster) is the first release from new publisher, Berger Books.

And it’s much anticipated. This is the book to dine on, with the (candle) light turned low!

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Trailer Time: Ant-Man and The Wasp

This summer sees a tiny team-up between two of the biggest little stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when Ant-Man and The Wasp hits theaters on July 6th, 2018. The first trailer dropped today and, while it does give you much in terms of story, you do get some solid action sequences.

‘Take a look and let us know what you think.

New Poster Art and Trailer for ‘Mohawk’

SYNOPSIS: After one of her tribe sets an American camp ablaze, a young Mohawk warrior finds herself pursued by a contingent of military renegades set on revenge. Fleeing deep into the woods they call home, Oak and Calvin, along with their British companion Joshua, must now fight back against the bloodthirsty Colonel Holt and his soldiers – using every resource both real and supernatural that the winding forest can offer.

From Ted Geoghegan, the director of We Are Still Here, Mohawk will hit select theaters and VOD on March 2nd. Starring Kaniehtiio Horn (Hemlock Grove), Justin Rain (Fear the Walking Dead), and Eamon Farren (Twin Peaks: The Return) along with Noah Segan (Looper), Jonathan Huber (WWE’s Luke Harper), Robert Longstreet (I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore), and Sheri Foster (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Dark Sky Films has released new poster art and an official trailer.
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‘The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ debuts on top of the box office

As predicted, the one big release this weekend managed to top the box office. Here’s what went down:

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure managed to debut in first place with $23.5 million. While off from the roughly $30 million that 2015’s The Scorch Trials arrived with, this is still a better performance than expected, especially considering the film was held back for over a year because of star Dylan O’Brian’s on-set injury.

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Let Us Now Praise Noise: Late January Edition

Tia Sprocket: photo by Liza Orozco

This week: Sunshine Ward, Fister, Chrch, Asylum, Grindmother, Suman, Tia Sprocket.

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The Librarians S04 EP010 : And Some Dude Named Jeff

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, brush up on your dance moves, roll for initiative, and if all else fails, just keep hopping. It’s a Freaky Friday, Jenkins-focused episode with The Librarians and Some Dude Named Jeff.

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’The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Looks to Find the Top of the Box Office

A sequel that nobody has been waiting is the big new release this weekend. How will it perform? Here’s our prediction:

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the third and final film in the Maze Runner trilogy. The first two entries, released in 2014 and 2015 respectively, only did ‘ok’ at the box office, though both opened around the $30 million mark. However, star Dylan O’brien suffered an on-set injury while filming this third instalment, which delayed the release for nearly a year. While we’re predicting as first place showing for The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, it will likely arrive with $20 million, significantly less than either of its predecessors.

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Roam Blackwood Pines Sanatorium on PSVR as ‘The Inpatient’


The Inpatient is the kind of game that, on the surface, seems like the kind of game I’ve been waiting for on the PSVR: a meaty, immersive horror experience in the vein of the incredible Resident Evil 7. While some of that may be true – it is a good, solid psychological horror experience – it suffers from a lot of the same issues that plague most VR games. More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Fearless And Powerful Is This ‘Frankenstein Alive, Alive! Trio’ on The Wednesday Run

Frankenstein (or Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus for you die-hard purists out there) by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is, of course, a classic mi- nineteenth century Gothic novel of man’s hubris.

Without debate, it has stood the test of time. We all know Frankenstein and the Frankenstein monster.

A comic book adaptation of that novel was undertaken by the legendary Gothic-horror artist, Bernie Wrightson, who was also responsible for co-creating everyone’s favourite muck monster, Swamp Thing for DC Comics in the early 1970s. It took nearly a decade for Wrightson to produce his exquisitely detailed drawings for that adaptation, which looked like metal etchings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. A perfect visual appeal for the corresponding text!

His Frankenstein was published by Marvel Comics to great acclaim in 1983 and remains a highly sought collector’s item.

In 2012, writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Wrightson began creating a much anticipated sequel to the original Shelley story.

Today, that sequel gets compiled for the first time as the Frankenstein Alive, Alive! Trio.

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Trailer Time – Pacific Rim: Uprising

Though it wasn’t a huge box office hit, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim made enough of a mark to warrant a sequel. Pacific Rim: Uprising is due in theaters March 23rd, and a new trailer just dropped to get you stoked for more giant robot battles. Take a look below.

The globe-spanning conflict between otherworldly monsters of mass destruction and the human-piloted super-machines built to vanquish them was only a prelude to the all-out assault on humanity in Pacific Rim Uprising.

John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) stars as the rebellious Jake Pentecost, a once-promising Jaeger pilot whose legendary father gave his life to secure humanity’s victory against the monstrous “Kaiju.” Jake has since abandoned his training only to become caught up in a criminal underworld. But when an even more unstoppable threat is unleashed to tear through our cities and bring the world to its knees, he is given one last chance to live up to his father’s legacy by his estranged sister, Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi)—who is leading a brave new generation of pilots that have grown up in the shadow of war. As they seek justice for the fallen, their only hope is to unite together in a global uprising against the forces of extinction. Jake is joined by gifted rival pilot Lambert (The Fate of the Furious’ Scott Eastwood) and 15-year-old Jaeger hacker Amara (newcomer Cailee Spaeny), as the heroes of the PPDC become the only family he has left. Rising up to become the most powerful defense force to ever walk the earth, they will set course for a spectacular all-new adventure on a towering scale.

Pacific Rim Uprising is directed by Steven S. DeKnight (Netflix’s Daredevil, STARZ’s Spartacus) and also stars Jing Tian, Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona and Charlie Day.

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