The Librarians S04 EP010 : And Some Dude Named Jeff

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, brush up on your dance moves, roll for initiative, and if all else fails, just keep hopping. It’s a Freaky Friday, Jenkins-focused episode with The Librarians and Some Dude Named Jeff.


After buying a creepy, antique book on the internet, some dude named Jeff is able to swap bodies with Jenkins. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Jeff, the book also has the power to release Asmodeus, one of the seven sons of hell.

Meanwhile, Jenkins, who is now living as Jeff, really learns what it’s like to be mortal.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with his predicament, Jenkins learns to embrace his outcast-ness, and find his Squad.

With the help of his new friends, Jenkins breaks into The Library, finds Jeff, and together they kick some Asmodeus ass.


I think as fans, we related to Jeff. Who among us doesn’t want to be a member of The Library gang? I know I would be running around, fangirling over all of the artifacts? I related even more to Jeff due to my equal love for Jenkins. After all, Jenkins is “one sexy stud muffin.”

We can all agree however, that we would be better at concealing the fact that we were not actually Jenkins. Jeff’s enthusiasm was endearing, but Sassy Cassie… really Jeff, if you were intently studying Jenkins, you would know more sophistication was needed, and you would also know that Cassie is smart enough to figure out that something fishy is going on.

I would love a special cut of this episode with John Larroquette delivering some of “Jeff as Jenkins” lines like,

“That sounds rad, can I touch it?”

“Double straw a margarita.”

“What’s happening Red?”

Jedi Jenkins 

We’ve received a lot of feels from Jenkins this season, and they don’t stop in this episode.

We learn that Jenkins has feelings of exclusion. Being the illegitimate son of Lancelot, he felt left out in court. He also, surprisingly feels like an outsider among the Library gang, as he is neither Librarian nor Guardian, but really, doesn’t that just make Jenkins extra special?

He certainly had some extra special moments in this episode, like showing off some sweet moves on the dance floor, and finally, after much deliberation on what it could possibly mean from the season’s promo, we finally get, Jedi Jenkins! I think John Larroquette wielded a pretty fierce Lightsaber, and there are still plenty of Star Wars movies left to go… just saying…

Geek Squad

This was another week with great casting and writing that made you fall in love with the temporary characters. By the end of the episode, I either wanted all of Jeff’s friends to be Librarians, or have them start their own spin-off show, something that would be a cross between the IT Crowd and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That would be perfect. They had the same level of crazy enthusiasm for magical adventure that all fans would have if we were in their place.

I especially loved Aurora (played by the fantastic Brittany Young from GLOW). We’d definitely be friends. Her cat headbands were awesome, especially the pom-pom one.

I totally related to her wardrobe dilemma: what does one wear/cosplay to break into The Library? Also, if you were friends with her, you would get an endless supply of Ring Pops.

As a Harry Potter nerd, I appreciated the nods to the Potter fans this week, from the magical tree entrance, to the Sorcerer’s Stone challenges, where each character’s unique abilities are utilized. We learn that playing D&D and videos games are not wastes of time. You never know when those skills will come in handy.

Jenkins’ family is in The Library, but now he has found his Squad, even if he gets frustrated with their magical inaccuracies from time to time.

Directing Debut

I could not end without giving an enthusiastic round of applause to Lindy Booth, who made her directorial debut this episode.

“And Some Dude Named Jeff” was one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. I hope Lindy gets to direct more episodes in the future, because there must be more episodes in the future. I’m looking at you TNT.

Things to Come

It looks like Jenkins isn’t having the best of seasons. First, he loses his immortality, then he body swaps with some crazy fan, and next week, it looks like it’s a body possession. From next week’s promo it makes sense now why Jenkins had to lose his immortality: you can’t threaten to kill an immortal Jenkins, but who is doing the threatening? Who would be so obsessed with having only one Librarian that they would kill Jenkins? Is it one of the twins returned? Is it Darrington Dare? Oh, please, oh please, don’t let it be Flynn. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week.

Don’t forget, if you love the show, make sure you tweet at TNT and remind them that they need to #RenewTheLibrarians.

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