Go Nuts With ‘Batman ’89: Echoes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Return to Tim Burton’s iconic Batman film universe in a brand-new tale with brand new takes on favourite villains!

Fear No Monster For Cometh “Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #1” On The Wednesday Run

Monster hunter fans celebrate with the return of the burgeoning, fumbling, grudgingly accepting monster hunter in this third chapter of dark escapades!

Exclusive Interview: Martin Simmonds – Artist Of ‘Universal Monsters: Dracula’ On Horror, Bela Lugosi & The Colour Red

Biff Bam Pop’s JP Fallavollita talks with artist Martin Simmonds on his new comic book horror series, Universal Monsters: Dracula.

Dig Deep Into Mysterious Horror With “Canary #1” On The Wednesday Run

Dig deep in the caverns of the Rocky Mountains of yesteryear and uncover a thrilling and ages old horror!

31 Days Of Horror 2023: Bite Into the Primal Red Of “Universal Monsters: Dracula #1” On The Wednesday Run

The classic Universal film vampire rises from the crypt in a fresh and terrifying new comic book miniseries!

31 Days Of Horror 2023: Popcorn And Frights On “The Midnight Show #1” On The Wednesday Run

Classic monster movie horror gets a thrilling facelift with a new miniseries featuring the fave ghouls of yesteryear.

Dig Deep Into The History Of ‘Gotham City Year One H/C’ On The Wednesday Run

Excavate the storied history of the awe-inspiring – and completely notorious – Gotham City!

Fly Your Way To ‘Barnstormers #1’ On The Wednesday Run

A period piece comic book story about high flying acrobatics, romance…and murder!


See Dead People…And Hear Their Stories In ‘Ghostlore #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Everyone has a story to tell. Even the dead. A new horror comic book series tells the most terrifying of tales – all from the mouths of ghosts!

Set Your Peepers And Your Fears On ‘All Eight Eyes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Eight-legged arachnids run afoul, creating a heightened phobia for readers of this biting new horror miniseries!

Nightmares Continue In ‘Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country: The Glass House #1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC Comics continues to satiate Sandman fans by offering a new chapter in the horrifically popular Nightmare Country comic book series.

Purrfectly Nightmarish Reading With ‘Hairball #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Curl up with your most lovable familiar and read a new miniseries full of cutes and cuddles and claws and nightmares!