The Librarians S03 EP09: And a Town Called Feud

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, it’s grocery store rants, scavenger hunts, and Civil War reenactments. Grab your favorite shawarma, it’s time for The Librarians And a Town Called Feud.


Eve, Jake, and Ezekiel arrive in a town called Feud. The town is famous for being the home of two brothers, who fought against each other, and eventually killed each other, in a battle during the Civil War.

The town hosts a yearly Civil War reenactment, and this year is special, because the last of two pieces of a lost locket, containing the brothers’ photos, has been found.

The economically struggling town is ready for a tourist windfall, until ghostly apparitions appear.

The Guardian, and two Librarians, must convince the greedy museum curator, that love is greater than war.

Meanwhile, back at the Library, Cassie and Jenkins go on a scavenger hunt for the twins’ lost letters, which ends in less than desirable consequences.

Tea for Two

So Jenkins and I had a bonding moment this week. I too hate grocery shopping. I am a usually chill, laid back kind of person, but there is something about grocery shopping that causes my rage to bubble to the surface. I’m so glad Jenkins was able to put my feelings into words.

With all of his difficulty adjusting to being immortal, it was nice to see Jenkins relishing in his mortality this week. High tea is quite an indulgence. Who doesn’t love tiny sandwiches and scones smothered with jam and cream?


It was a kind gesture on Cassie’s part, even if she had ulterior motives. I like to think that all of the treats were leftovers from Eve and Ezekiel’s baking exploits.

The Cassie and Jenkins’ letter scavenger hunt was a piece of television delight. I think most Librarians’ fans appreciate a good riddle. Fingers crossed that there’s a chance we could meet Librarian Zelpha The Forgetful in the future. Clearly she moved between two universes, because I could totally see Zelpha having a pint at The Three Broomsticks with Bathilda Bagshot.

Dynamic Dialogue

Kudos to Tom MacRae for his excellent writing this week.

Being in the writing world, I’ve had people ask how to improve their dialogue writing. I always suggest watching television shows that have good dialogue, over reading a book that has good dialogue. There’s something about having it seep into your ears that makes a difference.

This episode had some of the best dialogue of the series, particularly the exchanges between Eve, Jake, and Ezekiel.


My favorite line, Eve saying,

“Girls, you’re both pretty.”

Also as someone who has a habit of adding the letter y to the end of words, I appreciated Jake’s,

“…anything fist fight-y.”

Kindness not Conflict

The message for this episode was contemplative. Now I’m not downplaying that people have real and terrible troubles, but I feel that some people turn their conflict and complaining into an art. It’s often a competition over who can be the most miserable.

As someone with several, incurable, chronic illnesses, I side with The Doctor.

“I don’t have time for the luxury of outrage.”

What I took away from this episode is that sometimes, conflict and tragedy are glorified, while goodness and kindness are downplayed. It seems now a days it’s popular and cool to be in constant conflict and misery, and uncool to be positive and happy. It’s easier to complain, than to put your brain to good use and problem solve. Maybe if we could put conflict, and conflict resolutions through kindness on even ground, people would feel more inspired to do good.

What Happens Next?

So this season has been an emotional roller coaster. Darrington Dare really stirred things up. First it was, there can be only one Librarian, and then, everyone was united in, the more Librarians the better, and now it is a Library divided.

After reading the twins’ letters, Jenkins and Cassie are on team, there can be only one, while Eve, Jake, and Ezekiel are still on team, the more the merrier.

It’s anyone’s guess where it will go from here, but what we do know, is that next week is a Jenkins focused episode, and I cannot wait for next week’s episode of The Librarians.

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