Fear No Monster For Cometh “Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #1” On The Wednesday Run

Monster hunter fans celebrate with the return of the burgeoning, fumbling, grudgingly accepting monster hunter in this third chapter of dark escapades!

Dig Deep Into Mysterious Horror With “Canary #1” On The Wednesday Run

Dig deep in the caverns of the Rocky Mountains of yesteryear and uncover a thrilling and ages old horror!

31 Days Of Horror 2023: Popcorn And Frights On “The Midnight Show #1” On The Wednesday Run

Classic monster movie horror gets a thrilling facelift with a new miniseries featuring the fave ghouls of yesteryear.

Survive The Wilds and Find Yourself With ‘Lost Boy’ On The Wednesday Run

The expansive and harsh wilderness makes a testing ground for a heartbroken boy’s unusual skill at survival in Lost Boy.

Fly Your Way To ‘Barnstormers #1’ On The Wednesday Run

A period piece comic book story about high flying acrobatics, romance…and murder!

Set Your Peepers And Your Fears On ‘All Eight Eyes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Eight-legged arachnids run afoul, creating a heightened phobia for readers of this biting new horror miniseries!

Purrfectly Nightmarish Reading With ‘Hairball #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Curl up with your most lovable familiar and read a new miniseries full of cutes and cuddles and claws and nightmares!

Big Ups For The Noir Mystery Of ‘Mister Mammoth HC’ On The Wednesday Run

A figuratively “mammoth” helping of strange, mysterious and altogether fascinating detective fiction is now in the offing!

Non-Fiction That Will Make You Believe In ‘Blue Book #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Those fabulous, maybe-non-fiction, accounts that begat your love for government conspiracy theories and interest in the heightened probability of UFO’s are back, better than ever!

Satire & Samurai Are Found In ‘White Savior #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Japanese legends, samurai and satire all converge into an engrossing and hilarious tale about twisting fate!

Find Furtive & Noirish Danger With ‘Spy Superb #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Deep-state fakery and international mayhem is at hand when the perfect spy is someone who doesn’t even know that they are one!

Draw Into The Power Of ‘The Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe’ On The Wednesday Run

You, too, can wield the power with this hefty hardcover tome of heroes, villains, creatures and settings in a behind-the-scenes making of the new Netflix animated series!